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MemoryMirror – First Body-Controlled Smart Mirror

Finally a smart mirror to be launched in a store near you. Users can compare previous photos of themselves taken with other clothes and even look at themselves from the back. Just brilliant!
The Intel® Core™ i7-based MemoryMirror takes the clothes shopping experience to a whole different level, allowing shoppers to try on multiple outfits, then virtually view and compare previous choices on the mirror itself using intuitive hand gestures. Users control all their data and can remain anonymous to the retailer if they so choose.
The Memory Mirror uses Intel integrated graphics technology to create avatars of the shopper wearing various clothing that can be shared with friends to solicit feedback or viewed instantly to make an immediate in-store purchase. Shoppers can also save their looks in mobile app should they decide to purchase at a later time online.

Virtual Fitting Room Application

Now, thanks to Huffman, the president of Lyon Security a security cameras company who informed us that they are already installing smart mirrors in Ottawa, Canada and their mirrors are much more sophisticated than the above Intel’s MemoryMirror. Particularly a virtual fitting room application made with Amadea Techhnologies.

Keshe: 2014, The Year of Change for Humanity – Advanced Technologies Will Be Mass-Released To The Public

Keshe: 2014, The Year of Change for Humanity – Advanced Technologies Will Be Mass-Released To The Public
2014, the year of the change for the Humanity
01-01-2014, 11:48 PM
2014: The Year that the new Technology will change the course of humanity and it will bring untold changes.
At Keshe Foundation, we make 2014, the year that advanced technologies will be mass-released to public that they can show their power to create conditions that change through all layers of human society will be achieved.
We shall put an end to hunger and wars, through the release of everything in our possession, this be it scientifically, or technically to every man, be it scientists or world governments around the world in equal measure.  
In 2014, the Keshe Foundation through its Institute shall deliver to mankind as a whole the technology, which the mankind has been waiting and praying for from the beginning of time.
With delivery of an advance technology, unknown up to now, we shall put an end to hunger, wars.
We shall make sure that all men will have enough to attain sustenance and shelter that; there shall be no need for suffering.
We give and facilitate the release of technology to the men of greed that they can produce enough gold and precious metals that they could wish for, that eventually they will shy away even to show any interest in possessing such materials.
In opening the space in 2014 in its true sense, we would bring in more precious materials and sciences unknown to man that these new materials and knowledge will be used for forging tools of lasting peace on this planet.
The 2014 will be the beginning of the new era, the point of change for the humanity from what has been the same on this planet from the time of Adam.
We make one promise to the world leaders and that is, change your and your nations ways or your citizens shall change it for you through the delivery and application of the new technology and its use.
No man shall and from this year on will be allowed to take up arms to fight and no man shall be left hungry and homeless on this planet because of wars.
Use your arm manufacturing factories to deliver homes and food to the humanity, which up to now you have being developing tools of war in them, and you have instigated, unwanted wars because of them.
As the man who has the knowledge of universe at his disposal, I shall use every knowledge and power available to me to bring these factories, which you have erected for making tools of war and their products to standstill with stroke of a pen.
Then we wonder who shall disobey as is in the books of god that “one shall not kill.”
The promises of the change, as has been in the Holly books of the past, which the man has been waiting for centuries for shall be fulfilled.
Our program for this year is set to be.
We shall put an end first and foremost to the problem at Fukushima in January.
In February, we make all efforts to create the environment to stop the production of arms across the world, through release of technologies, which makes the present advance aircraft, missiles, and nuclear weapons irrelevant and ancient.
In Jun, we will deliver technologies, which can deliver sustenance’s to world population totally free of any cost through the release of new systems that can change air into sustainable food and energy supply without a need for farming land that no child will sleep with hunger.
By September, we will deliver the technology for every man to be protected from the natural elements like cold and rain without being dependent on other man handout of tents.
We shall make delivery of clean water at any point on earth free of charge a reality by releasing the already developed technologies.
By the end of December we will make sure, that there are no grounds for disruption for space travels on regular bases from all the nations on this planet that all shall harvest the reaches of the universe collectively and equally.
Those who have doubts about our work, be ready to become soldiers of the peace and unity before the end of this year.
M T Keshe
2014, the year of the change for the Humanity – The Keshe Foundation Forum

This is a Robot and It’s a Cop = RoboCop Movie Of the Week….

Not quite as sophisticated as the Hollywood Robocop that we all love from our childhood but this robot will also fight crime.
A Silicon Valley company has designed a high tech crime-fighting robot that can replace everyday security guards.
Known as the K5 autonomous Data Machine, it is 1.5 meters tall and weighs 136 kilograms. The robot will be equipped a video camera, a laser range finder, thermal imaging sensors, radar, air quality sensors and a microphone. It also has multiple ultrasonic detectors that measure speed and distances to surrounding objects. Infrared and Lidar technology are also embedded in the robot in order to create accurate 3D mapping of the environment.
Data collected through the sensors is processed in its predictive analytics engine, which will then be cross-referenced with existing business, government and social data sets to determine whether or not to issue an alert. The robot itself remain unarmed for now.
The company said the robot could be deployed in a wide range of places such as schools, shopping centres, hotels, stadiums, law enforcement agencies and airports. However, some are raising privacy concerns as the robot could constantly gather and transmit footage of people in public areas.
By the way, did you know that a new trailer for Robocop is out?
The year is 2028 and multinational conglomerate OmniCorp is at the center of robot technology. Their drones are winning American wars around the globe and now they want to bring this technology to the home front. Alex Murphy is a loving husband, father and good cop doing his best to stem the tide of crime and corruption in Detroit. After he is critically injured in the line of duty, OmniCorp utilizes their remarkable science of robotics to save Alex’s life. He returns to the streets of his beloved city with amazing new abilities, but with issues a regular man has never had to face before.

The Truth Behind The Energy Lie(What The Energy Cartels Don’t Want You To See) full movie

Published on Aug 24, 2012
***please Share, its time to wake up the world***  
The energy crisis is a lie, here is the evidence…
The full version of “The Energy Lie(What the Energy cartels don’t want you to see) covers various inventors and suppressed inventions. Such as, Nikola Tesla, Marco Rodin, Stan Meyers, Water powered cars(HHO gas) water, dirt, and air batteries, “kelvins thunderstorm”, Stirling engines, the “n-machine”, and several others. Includes several Experiments you can try at home with household materials, proving that the Energy Crisis is a lie, and solutions are all around us, we just have to be willing to look. well worth watching, even if you know a lot about “free energy” you may learn something you didn’t know.
If a civilization truly wishes to consider itself civilized, it must embrace all technological and scientific advances. The suppression of any technological advance, can not be tolerated if we wish to be a ‘civil’ization. we must ask ourselves if we are working for the benefit of all mankind, or working for the benefit of a few businessman and politicians. The fact that we are unnecessarily poisoning our planet, our home, when their are numerous solutions, raises several questions as to why these technologies are being suppressed. The root of the problem is almost entirely one thing, greed. We as a society can no longer focus our entire efforts into what is profitable, because what is profitable is not always right, and what is right is not always profitable.


boom shiva
According to researcher William Henry, the ancient Egyptian object named Ta-Wer aka “Osiris” device, was a stargate machine capable to open wormholes or dimensional openings used by Seth and Osiris to “travel across the underworld.
CERN Headquarter
Is CERN the new “Osiris Ta-Wer”? A modern stargate machine based on ancient technology?
When work at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider is completed in 2015, the collider should have twice the power and be able to help unlock more of the universe’s mysteries and to explore an entirely new realm of physics.
With the LHC power doubled, they will start looking for what they think is out there and they hope that something will turn up that no one had ever thought of.
Right now I almost can see in my mind, a bunch of ATSers jumping in their chairs, in front of the computer and saying Oh no, another weirdo going nuts about the LHC…” Well, just my two cents that, after read what I’m sharing here, some of you, guys, will stop thinking that the purpose of that gigantic device, is to reproduce the primordial spark of the big-bang and start to figure out what REALLY may be scheduled by this project.
To make my point, if the LHC is or not is a stargate machine, I’ll start talking about another very suspicious object, well known of the ancient Egyptians and that may have had the same purpose of the collider: The Ta-Wer, that means “The Eldest Land”, but is known among UFO researchers as “The Osiris Device”. According to mainstream scholars, the Ta-Wer was a only a mystic symbol that has represented the connection between Abydos and some mythical place in the underworld, interpreted as the “Land of the Dead”.
Well, it’s a common sense among UFO researchers that the Ta-Wer depicted in some paitings, in the walls of Abydos temple, is a structure that could be part of a huge device that activated dimensional portals, stargates or wormholes.
Yeah, now is the time where people here are saying “You gotta be kidding. It’s a boat that has represented the crossing between life and death… Indeed the scholars have alleged that the boat-like object seen in that painting, was the so called “Boat of Million Years“, used by Ra to travel across the underworld. Is it, really, just a boat??
Above you see a model of cosmic wormhole, that matches with the theory of Kurt Gödel, that due the fact that nothing can travel faster than light, a “shortcut” could be open in certain coordinates of the space, to connect two distant points. A huge amount of energy would produce a huge amount of gravitation that could “bend” the space, forming two light cones interconnected by a space-time tunnel where matter could pass.
Above, you see a close in the right section of the Ta-Wer. Notice that Seth is coming out and it seems that his body is twisted or warped. And below you see a 3D render of the Gödel’s stargate. Needless to say it’s just IDENTICAL to the Ta-Wer.
Below you see a group of Neter, “The Watchers”: Isis, identified by Zecharia Sitchin as the Anunnaki goddess NIMAH aka Hathor, plus Osiris, Seth and Horus, identified as sons of MARDUK aka RA.
Now is the time where people are saying “What the heck does this have to do with the Large Hadron Collider and Shiva???” Before I elaborate my point, watch this video with a great 3D motion, explaining how the LHC works:

On the radar: The LHC is a particle booster, built to beam up protons in very high speed and opposite directions, until they collide creating a huge amount of energy capable to reproduce similar cosmic conditions that have creating such phenomena as dark matter, antimatter and ultimately the creation of the universe billions of years ago. The scientist team keeps the beam up speed, between 3.5 and 7 TeV (Teraelectron Volts) to reach a collision energy around 90 times to over 500 TeV. They plan increase the speed of beam up around 12 TeV until 2012.
Under the radar:
1) According to Prof Irina Aref’eva and Dr Igor Volovich, both mathematical physicists at the Steklov Mathematical Institute in Moscow, the energies generated by the subatomic collisions in the LHC may be powerful enough to rip space-time itself, spawning wormholes.
2) According to Fermilab director, Pier Oddone, 7 TeV of beam up speed could cause a collision with energy enough to reproduce to reproduce the conditions of the universe one second after the Big Bang. (Remember that the scientists want reach 12 Tev until 2012)
3) According to a team of brainiac scientists as the Nobel physicist Frank Wilczek, the Astronomer Martin Rees, the physicist Adrian Kent of Cambridge, the space engineer Richard Wagner and the chemist and physicist Ph.D Otto Rossler, the LHC could “turning the planet into a smoking asteroid the size of a baseball park” or “to create a micro black hole swallowing the Earth from the core outwards, if not the sun”, through the generation of a huge amount of energy equivalent to a thermonuclear bomb per second.
You can check this data here and here
My point is that the scientists behind the LHC know EXACTLY what they are doing, despite they PRETEND don’t know. They cynically talk as if they were exploiting the coincidences of nature, but that device was built as solid secret purpose.
“Give me a glass ball, a crystal ball, then I would know but I don’t know what nature has for us.”
Professor Rolf-Dieter Heuer, CERN director.
It’s a common sense, among 99% of the “out of the box” physicists, that the LHC can INDEED produce energy to open wormholes, what turns it in a huge STARGATE device. I’m stating here, that the “quest by God’s particle” is a FALSE FLAG, to something else. Let’s follow the crumbs…
Above you see a statue of the Hindu “god” SHIVA, right in front of the CERN building, (European Center for Research in Particle Physics) in Geneva. We know that scientists of world wide have been working on LHC development, including Indian scientists, but a 2m high statue of the most feared hindu deity EVER, in front of the LHC facility, seems too odd.

That’s weird… The pictures you see above were taken within the LHC facility… Strange panels with ancient writings assembled onto a structure with some kind of blue beam light surrounding it,
that seems to be a movement sensor or something. They could be just fancy messages left by foreign scientists, representing their nations. Some panel seems ancient Mandarin, other some Arab characters, but one particular panel has very strange characters, that don’t seem nothing I’ve seen before and other panel has Sanskrit characters.
In India, the only people that read and write Sanskrit, are scholars of Vedas and Upanishads, scriptures written in the “language of the gods”. Why these panels have security sensors around and what are they?? Invocations???
Above, some sections of the LHC, nothing you haven’t seen before. But take a good look to the image below.
The mouth of this tunnel, this image seems quite familiar…
… the tunnel’s section resembles the structure where Shiva is always depicted, doing his Anandatandava aka the cosmic dance. Now check this out:
shiva match
Well I really doubt that the statue of Shiva in front to CERN building is a coincidence. I wonder what the ancient Hindu people have testified, to depict this deity attached to some structure identical to the mouth of LHC’s particle tunnel… Just regarding that Zecharia Sitchin has identified the “Lord Shiva” as the Anunnaki first commander ENLIL aka Yahweh, what makes me think if the LHC was developed in order to open a stargatee to bring the Anunnaki back to Earth.
450.000 years ago they came in 600. Maybe the next time they will come in thousands or hundred of thousands…
So guys, bring the ideas.

Ancient Levitation Technology: Three-Dimensional Mid-Air Acoustic Manipulation

The essence of levitation technology is the countervailing of gravity.
Did ancient civilizations possess knowledge that has since been lost to science? Were amazing technologies available to the ancient Egyptians that enabled them to construct the pyramids – technologies that have somehow been forgotten?
The ruins of several ancient civilizations – from Stonehenge to the pyramids – show that they used massive stones to construct their monuments.
A basic question is why? Why use stone pieces of such enormous size and weight when the same structures could have been constructed with more easily managed smaller blocks.
Could part of the answer be that these ancients had a method of lifting and moving these massive stones – some weighing several tons – that made the task as easy and manageable as lifting a two-pound brick?
The Video footage below shows an experiment with four speakers who emit ultrasound waves with such a powerful vibrating force at the center of the table that various materials could be manipulated.
This small experiment shows that the ancients, may have mastered the art of levitation, through sound and vibration that allowed them to defy gravity and manipulate massive objects with ease.

Another video of scientists achieving levitation with acoustics.

Scientists at Argonne National Laboratory have discovered a way to use sound waves to levitate individual droplets of solutions containing different pharmaceuticals. While the connection between levitation and drug development may not be immediately apparent, a special relationship emerges at the molecular level.

Zeer Pot Fridge… How To Make an Electricity-Free Refrigerator

Conventional refrigeration does an incredible job keeping food fresh. But that technology hasn’t helped desert dwellers without steady electricity. A more recent development in refrigeration—the Zeer pot-in-pot refrigerator—only requires water, sand, and a hot, dry climate to preserve produce through evaporative cooling. Here’s how to make the simple gadget.

Materials and Tools Required

  • two terra cotta pots with a 2-3 inch difference in diameter. The smaller pot should be glazed and preferably lacking a drainage hole. If the inner container is double glazed (on its inner and outer walls), non-potable water—say seawater—can be employed.
  • a bag of sterile sand
  • a square of burlap cloth large enough to cover the top of the inner pot
  • a trowel

Building It

  • 1. If your pots have drainage holes, plug them with a bit of cork, caulk, or other waterproof material. If you don’t, moisture from the sand will seep into the lower pot and immerse the stored goods or seep out the bottom of the larger one.
  • 2. Put down a one-inch deep, level layer of sand in the bottom of the large pot. Set the smaller pot on top of that layer and center it in the larger one. Make sure that the smaller pot’s lip is even with the larger one’s.
  • 3. Fill sand in around the sides of the of the two pots, leaving about an inch of space below the lip.
  • 4. Pour cold water over the sand until it is thoroughly saturated. Put your food into the smaller pot. Cover that with a burlap cloth, also soaked with water. That’s it! Just be sure to refill the water regularly, about once or twice a day.

How It Works

The Zeer was developed in 1995 by Mohammed Bah Abba, a Nigerian school teacher that hailed from a family of pot makers. The design is incredibly simple: a glazed earthen ware pot nestled inside a larger, porous one with a layer of wet sand separating them. As the water evaporates through the surface of the outer pot, it draws heat from the inner one, keeping up to 12kg food fresh for as long as three to four weeks without using a single watt of electricity.
For his efforts, Bah Abba was awarded the $75,000 Rolex Award for Enterprise in 2000 and the World Shell Award for Sustainable Development in 2001 to help spur its development. Presently, Bah Abba sells about 30,000 Zeer per year for 200 Nigerian naira ($1.30) a piece.

Why It Matters

For unprotected food in the North African heat, there is no such thing as a shelf life. Fresh fruit and vegetables last maybe a day or two, and meat spoils within hours. This means that most food must be either sold or consumed immediately. Taking produce to market, in Sudan at least, is a task that typically falls on the women. This tight freshness deadline leaves little free time for their education. But if they had to go to market only weekly, rather than daily, they might actually have time for school—that’s the promise of the Zeer.
The Zeer benefits not just individuals but the greater Sudanese society as well. Farmers are granted greater negotiating power when they don’t have to sell their wares right there and then. Parents see fewer cases of food-borne illness. And when disease does occur, water and temperature-sensitive medicines can also be preserved in the cool pots.
For the rest of the world, the Zeer represents a zero-electricity option for refrigeration. In extended power outages like the ones we’ve seen this summer, long after the local store sells its last bag of ice, the Zeer could be your best chance to keep critical perishable goods from spoiling in the heat.


How To Turn A Beer Can Into The Only Camping Stove You’ll Ever Need

stove bear
You can whip one of these up in a matter of minutes.  They’re so easy to make and they work really well.  First find yourself some scissors and a beverage can and then start the above video.
This is an inexpensive way to be prepared in the event of a power outage as these stoves give off a lot of heat and have the ability to cook large meals.

They also make great holiday gifts for friends and family.

For Complete Detail Pls Check : SOURCE

Google buys Boston Dynamics, maker of spectacular and terrifying robots .. At an Undisclosed SUM

Google has acquired robotics engineering company Boston Dynamics, best known for its line of quadrupeds with funny gaits and often mind-blowing capabilities. Products that the firm has demonstrated in recent years include BigDog, a motorized robot that can handle ice and snow, the 29 mile-per-hour Cheetah, and an eerily convincing humanoid known as PETMAN. News of the deal was reported on Friday by The New York Times, which says that the Massachusetts-based company’s role in future Google projects is currently unclear.
big robot
Makers of the BigDog robot
Specific details about the price and terms of the deal are currently unknown, though Google told the NYT that existing contracts — including a $10.8 million contract inked earlier this year with the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) — would be honored. Despite the DARPA deal, Google says it doesn’t plan to become a military contractor “on its own,” according to the Times.
touch of robogod
Boston Dynamics began as a spinoff from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1992, and quickly started working on projects for the military. Besides BigDog, that includes Cheetah, an animal-like robot developed to run at high speeds, which was followed up by a more versatile model called WildCat. It’s also worked on Atlas, a humanoid robot designed to work outdoors.
In a tweet, Google’s Andy Rubin — who formerly ran Google’s Android division — said the “future is looking awesome.”

Rubin earlier this month told NYT that his next big project at Google was to pursue a lifelong love of real robots, something that will be separate from the company’s secretive Google X lab best known for “moonshot” projects like balloon-powered internet and self-driving cars. In the meantime, Google’s quietly picked up seven different robot companies and hired robotics experts, placing teams in Palo Alto and Japan.
Here’s a clip of one of Boston Dynamics’ latest robots, WildCat, which debuted earlier this year.


The awesomely weird biological shoes that we will wear in 2050

London-based designer and researcher Shamees Aden has a vision for the future of footwear. It’s a future where shoes are 3D printed out of synthetic biological material that responds to your every step and can regenerate overnight. She’s even made a prototype.
Behold the Protocell sneaker. The shoes are customized for the wearers foot so that they fit like a second skin, and in its own way, the protocell technology that they’re made of works like skin. Protocells aren’t alive, but they act like they are which is how the shoes get their responsive and self-healing qualities.
“The cells have the capability to inflate and deflate and to respond to pressure,” Aden told Dezeen. But they special material requires a little extra care, as you have to store them in a jar full of protocell liquid. Aden explained, “You would take the trainers home and you would have to care for it as if it was a plant, making sure it has the natural resources needed to rejuvenate the cells.”
Who wouldn’t want half-living shoes that make it look like you have alien feet? Unfortunately, the project is only in the concept stage now, and Aden thinks it could be nearly four decades before we see this kind of technology on the market. In the meantime, there’s always Birkenstocks.


AMAZON Introduces DRONE Delivery……….

The delivery drones may never get off the ground, but that’s beside the point.
Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN) founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and CBS did a fine job hyping a promised “surprise” on “60 Minutes” Sunday, revealing a nascent plan for an Amazon Prime Air fleet of unmanned “octocopters” to drop packages gently on the doorsteps of customers. The idea may or may not fly, and if it ever does it won’t be for years and many FAA studies and logistical work-arounds.
amazon drone
Yet the real point of Bezos’ expert playing of the network-media game was to drive home his constant and zealously emphasized point about Amazon’s mission: we do everything to make products cheaper, and life easier, for our customers.
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This is how Amazon justifies its refusal to reap significant profits from its dominant online retail bazaar, as most every dollar earned is recycled back into shipping centers and server farms. It is how the company defends itself from charges that it is systematically putting smaller retail competitors out of business.
As I discuss in the attached video with Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Aaron Task, nothing Bezos told Charlie Rose on “60 Minutes,” in what amounted to a long corporate promotional video, was news to investors or to anyone who has followed Amazon since it went public as an upstart online bookseller in 1997.
Bezos long ago persuaded Wall Street that its refusal to charge more for products – its decision to pursue profitless prosperity in the service of selling everything the world has to offer – was a winning long-term strategy in an electronic retail world that rewards scale and speed. Its shares, to the eternal consternation of skeptics who adhere to traditional fundamental analysis, are up more than 26,000% since its IPO, and have doubled in the past two years.
Related: How Amazon’s Mayday Could Change Your World and Disrupt Apple
Bezos repeated, as he frequently does, the claim that Amazon’s internal “price-elasticity” studies always conclude the company should raise prices. His refusal to follow the pricing models’ advice is simply a way for an enormous, imperial company to wear its customer-friendliness on its sleeve. He’s probably right that being known for the best price engenders deep customer loyalty over time.
But it’s also very good PR, as is Bezos’ ostentatiously humble claim that he fully expects Amazon to be “disrupted” by newer competitors over time, and he is merely trying to forestall the decline that ultimately befalls most every company.
The delivery-drone “reveal” of course produced immediate buzzy chatter in social media, with mockery of safety concerns colliding with wonder over the extreme convenience such a service would represent. Maybe Bezos wanted to prompt just such an excited response.
Related: How Paper Towels Could Be Key to Amazon’s Growth: Will Lower Prices Follow?
Perhaps he prefers the conversation surrounding his company to be about its efforts to challenge even the rules of aviation and law of gravity to make his customers happier – rather than, say, his mention that the company’s Web-services business is building a “private cloud” for the CIA to use for its data needs.
What’s beyond doubt is that the glimpse of the drone plans was a highly strategic, calculated gesture of openness by a company that generally prefers to divulge as little as possible about its operations or intentions. Bezos refused even to acknowledge to Rose specific plans for another device, such as a new set-top box, that would appear far closer to fruition than octocopters touching down on front lawns.
And the message this sends is precisely the one Bezos wants to convey. He wants customers to “Ooh” and “Aahh” over its extreme efficiency today while resting assured that the company is always busy redeploying its profits to deliver audacious innovations that we haven’t asked for or even contemplated, all to bring us closer to Amazon’s version of a consumer paradise. “Look, up in the sky…”

Scientists use sound waves to levitate, manipulate matter

sound levitataeA team of scientists in Zurich, Switzerland, have developed a method of acoustic levitation that allows them to float objects next to each other and bring them into contact.
A team of researchers in Switzerland have developed a way of levitating and transporting small objects using nothing but sound.
Using ultrasonic waves – that is, sound waves whose frequency is too high for humans to hear – scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich have made water droplets, instant coffee crystals, styrofoam flakes, and a toothpick, among other objects, hang in midair, move along a plane, and interact with each other. It is the first time that scientists have been able to use sound to simultaneously levitate several objects next to each other and move them around.
Research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences describes how objects placed between two horizontal surfaces, the bottom one emitting high-pitched sound waves and the top one reflecting the waves back, can be levitated and manipulated
0716-acoustic-levitation_full_600A droplet of water reacts with sodium metal as both are held aloft by the pressure of acoustic waves in a laboratory in Switzerland.
YouTube screen shot
As anyone with a subwoofer and a teenager knows, sound waves exert pressure. When those waves are bounced between carefully aligned surfaces, they can create what is known as a standing wave, in which the total pressure from the original wave and its reflection cancel each other out. Objects placed at spots along the wave with the lowest amplitude, known as node points, tend to stay put. 

Held aloft by sound waves, a water droplet and a piece of sodium metal waltz to Johann Strauss’s ‘Blue Danube.’
In the past, scientists have been able to acoustically levitate bits of styrofoam and even small insects and fish. But until now, nobody has figured out how to get acoustically levitated objects to do anything other than just hang there, even though moving them has long been known to be theoretically possible. 
“Theoretically there’s no difference between theory and practice,” says engineer Daniele Foresti, the study’s lead author, in a phone interview. “But in practice there is.”
Dr. Foresti and his team developed a sound-emitting platform that uses a checkerboard of piezoelectric crystals, which expand and contract as different voltages are applied to them. The rapid change in shape of the crystals produces ultrasound waves, which are then reflected off a plastic plate above the platform.
By carefully modulating the voltage applied to each crystal, Foresti and his team were able to transport hovering objects over different squares on the checkerboard. They rotated a toothpick. They introduced a droplet of water to a granule of instant coffee. They brought water into contact with sodium metal, producing a tiny explosion.  
“What struck me the most was the fact that the concept itself is extremely simple. But to make it work is extremely complicated,” says Dr. Foresti. “It took a lot of effort to optimize the design, and also to control the power.”
Being able to manipulated matter without touching it promises a wealth of applications, from material sciences to biology. For instance nucleic acids can be introduced into cells – a process known as DNA transfection – without fear of contamination.
“You can basically play with cells in a droplet,” says Foresti 
While commuting via acoustically levitated skateboards may be far off in the future, Foresti says that he hopes that other researchers will soon find novel uses for his method.
“This is a toy,” he says. “I hope that it can be useful for something.”

iPhone 5 nSa Commercial (Great Video)

Last week, people around the world lined up in front of stores to buy the new iPhone 5S. Why? Well, many will probably tell you: “Because it’s now available in gold!! All of my friends will be jealous! LOL OMG #iphone #socool #gold #exclusive #imspecial”
But seriously, were there people lining up because the device can now also scan and store your fingerprints? I don’t believe so. But that is, by far, the most notable feature of the new iPhone. It introduces biometrics to the mass market and, as we know, all of that information can EASILY be transmitted to a whole bunch of shady governmental entities.
Here’s a great video about the new iPhone.

TERMINATOR NOW: Rise Of The Machines – This Massive Robot Could Soon Join Marines On The Battlefield!

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November 23, 2013 – UNITED STATES – The future doesn’t always arrive with a gasp and a boom like Skynet in Terminator. No, sometimes it’s more like Office Space.
At least that’s the idea I get watching this video of the Marines’ testing the Legged Squad Support System. DARPA built the LS3 to act as an autonomous pack horse that “can carry 400 lbs of a squad’s load, follow squad members through rugged terrain and interact with troops in a natural way, similar to a trained animal and its handler.”
Its headless form has always disturbed me in its … headlessness. (Like, did Haruki Murakami design these things in a fever dream? Robots galloping across the plains.)
And yet, in the hands of real Marines, it sounds like they’re testing a new network printer out, or maybe putting the office fob system through its paces.
“The experimentation phase is in full swing right now,” said Brigadier General Kevin Killea with all the emotion of a building manager introducing new trash chutes.
“And we’ll come back and we’ll look at all the data and we’ll get the feedback from all the Marines about how they feel it can support them best.”
One can imagine the questionnaire:
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you love being followed around the forest by a massive headless pack bot?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how many nightmares did you have about the sound of its legs?
  • How likely would you be to recommend the headless pack bot to a friend?
“It’s a great idea. I’m glad they’re coming out,” said Corporal Mitchell Arnold Anderson (as if he was talking about the latest Android operating system).

“It just shows the Marine Corps is changing and times are changing. In 15 or 20 years, stuff like this should be everywhere in the military.”
No biggie.
Just what DARPA calls “the culmination of a decade of research in perception and autonomy with programs like DARPA’s Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle-Perception for Off-Road Robotics Integration (UPI) program, mobility work with DARPA’s ‘Big Dog’ and significant advances in natural human-robot interface such as voice recognition.”
The Marines and DARPA are working through a two-year refinement and testing period, which will come to an end in summer of 2014. – Defense One.
WATCH: Marines Test Load-Bearing Robotic Mule for First Time.

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