Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Federal Judge Delivers Bombshell Ruling… Both Obama AND IRS Must Comply Immediately

Federal Judge Delivers Bombshell Ruling… Both Obama AND IRS Must Comply Immediately

Last Friday, federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled that the Internal Revenue Service must turn over any records that show the White House tried to obtain the confidential information of certain taxpayers — namely conservative ones.
By doing so, the judge rejected the IRS’s plea that it had the right to avoid turning over the records as per section 6103 of the tax code, which pertains to taxpayer confidentiality laws.

“This court questions whether 6103 should or would shield records that indicate confidential information was misused, or that government officials made an improper attempt to access that information,” Judge Jackson argued.
The premise was that President Barack Hussein Obama’s crony administration purposefully and maliciously sought out the records of conservative taxpayers in order to target them.
That premise has been difficult to substantiate due in part to the IRS’s refusal to release the records that could prove the White House had indeed done as much.
“As we have said all along, this administration cannot misinterpret the law in order to potentially hide evidence of wrongdoing,” Dan Epstein, executive director of Cause of Action, the group responsible for filing the suit, said in praise of the judge’s ruling.
“No administration is above the law, and we are pleased that the court has sided with us on this important point.”
According to The Washington Times, questions regarding the White House’s sleazy attempts to meddle in taxpayers’ private information date back to the beginning of Obama’s tenure as president, “when the then-White House chief economist seemed to describe the tax structure of Koch Industries during a briefing with reporters.”
Apparently, Obama has a record of trying to obtain private information that he has no right to review. I guess that just like presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, he too thinks he is above the law.
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