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Fuehrer Adolf Hitler was the Grandson of Freiherr Salomon Mayer von Rothschild, the head of the Viennese Rothschild Banking Dynasty

Fuehrer Adolf Hitler was the Grandson of Freiherr Salomon Mayer von Rothschild, the head of the Viennese Rothschild Banking Dynasty

Mayer Amschel Rothchilde signatureIt was in 2007, BibleSearchers Reflections was researching the ancestral background of the former President of the United States William Clinton, whose past family histories has been as enigmatic as Chancellor Angela Merkel, President George H.W. Bush, President George W. Bush and our present American President Barak Hussein Obama. In the subtitled article,  titled, “The Rothschild Equation in the Future World Federation – Is the ‘Royal Boy Chosen’, the ‘Messiah the Prince?”, we read:  
BibleSearchers Reflection – “As if the above story with all its implications is not surreal, then the 1998 issue, “Prophecy in the News” magazine the unusual and incredible story unfolds as revealed by author J.R. Church in his article, “Roots of the Presidents”. (“Roots of the Presidents,” by J.R. Church, Prophecy in the News, July 1998, pages 18-19) Whether this documentation is true, cannot be proven. Yet, it does deserve to be watched with its potential prophetic implications.
During the years of the merger of the Father of the Rothschild world banking dynasty, the Jewish Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild, the Shabbatean protégée of the 1666 Jewish messiah, Shabbatai Zevi, Jacob Frank, and the founder of the Masters of the Illuminate of Bavaria, the Jewish Jesuit trained, Adam Weishaupt, the following story was recorded in the Rothschild family records. The Patriarch Mayer Amschel claimed to have been visited by a “heavenly visitor” in 1773. He was informed that Jesus was not the true messiah and that from his Rothschild family a descendant would arise in the last half of the twentieth century that would become the messiah of the world. As J.R. Church writes:
J.R. Church – “There is no official documentation for what I am about to relate. I talked with a man in the summer of 1996 who claimed to be a descendant of the Rothschild banking family. He informed me that Bill Clinton used to attend their family functions as a boy. This man grew up in the same town with Clinton. They attended the same schools. He would see Bill at family get-togethers wearing a Jewish skullcap.
According to him, Bill Clinton is a descendant of the Rothschild family. He said the rabbis would kiss his hand and refer to him as the Segulah Yeled Eklatosh—the ‘royal-boy-chosen’… A few later I read in ‘The Jewish festivals’ by Hayyim Schauss (published in 1938) that the Roman Emperor Nero had faked his death, escaped and married a Jewish woman.
The famous thirteenth century Rabbi Meir (also spelled Meyer) of the Rothenberg, Germany, claimed direct descent from Nero. I called my Rothschild family friend and asked if there was a family connection. Two days later he called me back, and said ‘Yes! The Rothschilds are descended from Nero!”
Concerning Nero, according to Jewish legend, about 66 CE, a dispute broke out between the Gentile Greeks in Caesarea and the Jews in Jerusalem. As recorded in the Talmud (Tractate Gitin 56a-b) the Emperor Nero came to Jerusalem. There he ordered his military consort to fire arrows to the four corners of the globe. They all fell inside the city of Jerusalem. Later he stopped a young Jewish lad and asked the child to repeat to him what he had learned in his yeshiva (Torah school) that day. The young boy immediately repeated the verse, “I will lay my vengeance upon Edom by the hand of my people Israel.” (Ezekiel 25:14) In terror, Nero stated, “God desires to lay waste His House and to lay the blame on me.”
The Emperor fled to Rome and later converted to Judaism in an act to avoid the retributive justice of God and married a Jewish woman. The descendants of that lineage according to Jewish histories was Rabbi Meir Ba'al Ha-Nes (literally called Rabbi Meir – Master of the Miracle), was recognized as one of the most famous Jewish sages who lived in the era of the Tannaim, between the years of 70 CE and 200 CE. According to the above story, the descendants of the Rabbi Meir
were the Rothschild dynastic family.
That same year, 66 CE, Titus Flavius Vespasianus (Vespasian) was appointed and sent with two legions and eight cavalry squadrons and ten auxiliary cohorts, to the Province of Judea to put down the rebellion that was threatening to spread throughout the Middle East
Nero has been recognized in very early Christian tradition as the first persecutor of the Christian people, including the Apostles Paul and Peter. It was the Christian author, Tertullian (c. 155-230 CE) that was the first to identify the Emperor Nero as the first persecutor of Christians as quoted, “Examine your records. There you will find that Nero was the first that persecuted this doctrine” (Tertullian, Apologeticum, lost text quoted in Eusebius, Ecclesiastical History II.25.4) 
This fact is corroborated by Suetonius, in “The Lives of Twelve Caesars, Life of Claudius that claims that Christian were also persecuted in the Jewish expulsion from Rome around 44 CE. (Suetonius, The Lives of Twelve Caesars, Life of Claudius 25)
Like the Islamic Mahdi, the expectant messiah of Shi’ite Islam, for up to four hundred years after his suicide and death in 68 CE, it was imprinted into the legendary memory of the Romans that Nero was not dead and would return. In 422 CE, Augustine of Hippe, writing on the lingering hopes of the admirers of Nero these words:
Augustine the Great – “Others, again, suppose that he (Nero) is not even dead, but that he was concealed that he might be supposed to have been killed, and that he now lives in concealment in the vigor of that same age which he had reached when he was believed to have perished, and will live until he is revealed in his own time and restored to his kingdom.” (Augustine of Hippo, City of God XX.19.3)
Later, Nero came to be recognized as the anti-Christ in Christian traditions. It was the “Ascension of Isaiah” that was the first text to identify Nero as the anti-Christ when it claims “a lawless king, the slayer of his mother…. Will come and there will come with him all the powers of this world, and they will hearken unto him in all that he desires.” (Ascension of Isaiah Chapter 4.2)
Today, many scholars believe that the number 666, is a code word for Nero in the Book of Revelation. These include: the Preterist eschatological scholars; Delbert Hillers of the American Schools of Oriental Research at Johns Hopkins University, and the Roman Catholic Biblical commentaries of “New Jerome Biblical Commentary” (The New Jerome Biblical Commentary. Ed. Raymond E. Brown, Joseph A. Fitzmyer, and Roland E. Murphy. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1990.1009) and “The Book of Revelation, Apocalyptic Literature and Millennial Movements”. (Just, S.J., Ph.D., Prof. Felix. The Book of Revelation, Apocalyptic Literature, and Millennial Movements, University of San Francisco, USF Jesuit Community.)
 Rothschild Bank in Frankfurt, Germany
This interesting clue opens up a larger mystery into the real ancestral lineage of the former President of the United States, William Clinton. It has been well documented that the paternal ancestry of William Clinton was destroyed before he became a candidate for the President of the United States. Many have suggested his paternal roots were with the Kennedys, the Rockefellers, the Asters, but the most fascinating with the private family anecdotes with the Rothschilds.
As written by J.R. Church on Bill Clinton’s genealogy:
J.R. Church – “Over the past six years, efforts to uncover Clinton’s personal history have been nigh unto impossible to confirm. The President had all records of his family history, school records, medical history, etc. sealed. In 1992, we called Burke’s Peerage and asked if they had done any research into Clinton’s lineage. We were told that they had not done a genealogical search on his ancestry. It seemed strange to us at the time that they denied knowing anything about Clinton.
Shortly afterward, we came across an AP story that linked Clinton to a Gypsy king—citing Burke’s Peerage as a source. We again called Burke’s Peerage and repeated our request. Again, they told us that no work had been done. That’s when we read the article to the person on the phone, naming Harold Brooks-Baker as a source. She then admitted that they had done some work on the genealogy. She said that we should talk with Harold Brooks-Baker, himself. She requested that we fax a letter and request a reply.
We did as she asked. Two days later, having received no reply, we called again. This time, we were able to get Mr. Harold Brooks-Baker on the phone. He asked why we wanted the information, and said he would have to clear our request with Washington. He said, ‘It’s a very touchy subject.’ He talked like there might be something to hide. Indeed! What might that closely-guarded secret be?"
In conclusion, what was known, and revealed:
J.R. Church – “Bill Clinton’s family goes back to William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison, making him related to Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. His kinship to Ford makes him ‘near kin’ to Richard Nixon and George Bush. Small world, isn’t it?
For those tracking that enigmatic number of the beast, the Roman Emperor Nero’s Aramaic name was “Nron Ksr”, a name with the number of 666. It also identifies the relationship between Caesar and the modern Germanic name of Kaiser."
The history of Adolf Hitler has been equally enigmatic in that who his father and grandfather has been a fact of scholarly dispute.  Historians over the decades have debated over there possible candidates as being Alois' biological father: Johann Georg Hiedler, Johann Nepomuk Hüttler, and a Jew named Leopold Frankenberger. The traditional history of Adolf Hitler is as such.
Wikipedia – “Hitler's father, Alois Hitler (1837–1903), was the illegitimate child of Maria Anna Schicklgruber. Alois's birth certificate did not list the name of the father, and the child bore his mother's surname. In 1842 Johann Georg Hiedler married Maria, and in 1876 Johann testified before a notary and three witnesses that he was the father of Alois. Nazi official Hans Frank suggested the existence of letters claiming that Alois' mother was employed as a housekeeper for a Jewish family in Graz and that the family's 19-year-old son, Leopold Frankenberger, had fathered Alois. However, no Frankenberger, Jewish or otherwise, was registered in Graz during that period.
Historians now doubt the claim that Alois' father was Jewish; all Jews had been expelled from Graz under Maximilian I in the 15th century, and were not allowed to settle in Styria until the Basic Laws were passed in 1849.”
At age 39 Alois assumed the surname "Hitler", also spelled as "Hiedler", "Hüttler", or "Huettler"; the name was probably regularised to its final spelling by a clerk. The origin of the name is either "one who lives in a hut" (Standard German Hütte), "shepherd" (Standard German hüten "to guard", English "heed"), or is from the Slavic words Hidlar and Hidlarcek.
So now we come up with some interesting statistics. At the time of Adolf Hitler’s (April 20, 1889 – April 30, 1945) birth, the reputed father of Adolf, Alois Hitler (1837-1903) was approaching 52 years old. Yet, Klara Pölzl, a second or third cousin was only 29 years old. Here now we discover that Klara was either a cousin or a niece to Alois Hitler, depending on which father the historians were willing to accept. Either way. Klara would continue to her husband Alois, “Uncle”. 
Alois was a truly disturbed man. His older wife, Anna Glasl-Hörer was quite sick so he was having a relationship with 19-year-old Franziska "Fanni" Matzelsberger, a housemaid working in the “inn” where he resided. Yet, Fanni was now pregnant with Alois first son, Alois Jr., but they were not able to get married for according to Roman Catholic cannon law, they were forbidden to marry while he was still married to first wife, Anna.
While Alois was keeping up two relationship, he hired his young teenager niece to be his housekeeper; Klara Pölzl.  Klara, from “old peasant stock, was hard-working, energetic, pious, and conscientious” and later described by her doctor, Dr. Eduard Block, who treated her with breast cancer with iodoform, which its toxic effects later killed her, as “very quiet, sweet, and affectionate woman.  It was she who took care of Alois first wife, Anna until she died. She later cared for Alois second wife, Franziska Matzelsberger, who later got sick and died.
Once again, Hitler now wanted to marry his cousin or niece, Klara Pölzl. There was one problem, Alois Hitler by now was free according to Catholic canon law to marry Klara and he planned to marry Pölzl immediately but his birth certificate stated that he was “illegitimate” and now with an affidavit from a member of his family certifying his paternity, Hitler was now legally Pölzl's first cousin once removed.  The problem, he was too close of a relationship to Klara to marry.
Hitler then had to submit an appeal to the church for a humanitarian waiver. This time, strangely as if there was a helping hand, such as the Rothschilds, giving assistance, the permission from the Church was granted quickly.  On January 7, 1885 a wedding was held at Hitler's rented rooms on the top floor of the Pommer Inn. According to family accounts, a modest meal was served for the few guests and witnesses and then Alois Hitler exited the house and went to work for the rest of the day.
From all appearances, Alois marriage to Klara was an “arranged marriage” and again the Church had to give permission, this time for marrying a close relationship. Yet facts as we shall see later, it was not a marriage of love, which was also typical for Rothschild descendants who kept control of all their bastard offspring. As such, Alois, probably a Rothschild son, appeared to be a disturbed man as also later his son, Adolf Hitler.
The relationship between Alois, who was described as a “hard, unsympathetic, and short-tempered man” was a father who was also quick to alienate his youngest “son”, Adolf, by his housekeeper who was taking care of both his first wife. Reports given depict a man who appeared to be “repulsed” by his son, s as though Alois knew that he was not the father of Adolf, and Adolf knew that he was not the son of Alois. Yet, neither one of them knew truthfully their own paternity.
So Alois would try to “browbeat” his son, Adolf into submission, and Adolf would sneer at this father and try to do everything his father didn’t want him to do. As Robert G.L. Waite, a psycho-historian who studied Adolf Hitler extensively wrote:
Robert G.L. Waite – “Even one of his closest friends admitted that Alois was 'awfully rough' with his wife [Klara] and 'hardly ever spoke a word to her at home'." If Hitler was in a bad mood, he picked on the older children or Klara herself, in front of them.”
According to the son of Alois Hitler Jr, William Patrick Hitler reported in his memoirs:
William Patrick Hitler – “He heard from his father, Alois Jr, that Alois Hitler, Sr. used to beat his children. After Hitler and his oldest son Alois Jr. had a climactic and violent argument, Alois Jr. left home, and the elder Alois swore he would never give the boy a penny of inheritance beyond what the law required. According to reports, Alois Hitler liked to lord it over his neighbors."
As historian Alice Miller later wrote;
Alice Miller – “The (Hitler) family structure could well be characterized as the prototype of a totalitarian regime. Its sole, undisputed, often brutal ruler is the father. The wife and children are totally subservient to his will, his moods, and his whims; they must accept humiliation and injustice unquestioningly and gratefully. Obedience is their primary rule of conduct."
Klara Hitler died on December 7, 1907 from breast cancer. Her physician who was Jewish, Dr. Eduard Bloch took special notice of the affect upon Adolf Hitler when his mother Klara Hitler later died. Concerning this time, he stated that after Klara’s death he had seen in;
Dr. Eduard Bloch - "One young man never so much pain and suffering broken fulfilled".
It was later in 1940 that the Fuehrer Adolf Hitler repaid with gratitude his mother’s doctor, Dr. Eduard Bloch when he gave the order to allow the Jewish doctor and his wife to emigrate from Austria to the United States.
Yet, the question still eludes us, was Adolf Hitler Jewish. We appeal to modern genetic technology, as did two researchers as the potential of Jewish bloodlines in Adolf Hitler by the haploid research as discovered by the 2010 Belgium journalist, Jean-Pauol Mulders along with historian Marc Vermeeren who reported in tracing a relative of Adolf Hitler to the E1b1b haplogroup,  a Y-chromosome haplogroup linking father-to-son back to a common male ancestor.
In this case with Alois and Adolf Hitler, their haplogroup was E1b1b (E-M35) that links specifically with Afro-Asiatic populations which also include a large proportion of Jewish male lineages. This includes 18% to 20% linkage with Ashkenazi Jews and 8.6 to 30% Sephardi Jewish lineages. Yet, this was male to male lineage, but as we shall see in later research, there is still a strong suspicion that Alois Hitler also was not Adolf Hitler’s father.
In an insightful testimony concerning Adolf Hitler as being descendant of the Rothschild Dynasty that goes back two generations, was reported in an article by David Icke, titled, “Was Hitler a Rothschild”.  This article appealed to the research of Psychoanalyst Walter Langer in his book on the Secret Wartime Report called “The Mind of Hitler” and documented also in a Biblesearchers Reflections in the article subtitled, “:
BibleSearchers Reflections – “Walter Langer – “Adolf’s father, Alois Hitler, was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber. It was generally supposed that the father of Alois Hitler (Schicklgruber) was Johann Georg Hiedler.
There are some people who seriously doubt that Johann Georg Hiedler was the father of Alois… (an Austrian document was) prepared that proved Maria Anna Schicklgruber was living in Vienna at the time she conceived. At that time she was employed as a servant in the home of Baron Rothschild. As soon as the family discovered her pregnancy she was sent back home... where Alois was born."
So according to this testimony, we discover that Hitler’s father, Alois was a child conceived literally in the Viennese House or the Mansion of the Viennese House of the Rothschilds. This fact was confirmed also in 1940 with Hansjurgen Koehler in the book which he wrote, “Inside the Gestapo” when speaking of Maria Anna Schicklgruber, the grandmother of Adolf Hitler.
Hansjurgen Koehler – “A little girl…came to Vienna and became a domestic servant…at the Rothschild mansion… and Hitler’s unknown grandfather must be probably looked for in this magnificent house.”
Yet the Rothschild relationship becomes even more complex.  One century earlier, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of the Rothschild dynasty joined an alliance with another Jew, trained as a Roman Catholic Jesuit, Joseph Johann Adam Weishaupt who later founded the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati, and the self-proclaimed Jewish messiah, Rabbi Yacov ben Judah Leib Frankovich, known as Jacob Frank, who was a protégé of the False Messiah Shabbatai Tzevi and an emissary of the Islamic Dolmeh Society in Turkey.  This sinister alliance became the self-proclaimed founders of both the French Revolution and the American Revolution, and also infected the upper echelons of the British and Scottish Masonry with a corruption of the true Jewish Kabbalah into a Masonic Christian Cabala.  
According to this author, out of this alliance came forth what many researchers call the Illuminati bloodlines that supported the rise of Adolf Hitler to eliminate the Jewish people in Europe called, “The Final Solution”.  As one big family, these same bloodlines, also gave us George Washington and all forty-two Presidents of the United States plus the World War II leaders of Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin including also post-war Carter, Clinton, and the Bush dynasty of CIA director, George H.W. Bush and son, George W. Bush. Strange as it may seem, this alliance was also associated with the British Royal Family of Windsor who were actually of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha of Germanic descent.  
As Langer wrote:
Walter Langer - "Adolf’s father, Alois Hitler, was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber. It was generally supposed that the father of Alois Hitler (Schicklgruber) was Johann Georg Hiedler. There are some people who seriously doubt that Johann Georg Hiedler was the father of Alois… (an Austrian document was) prepared that proved Maria Anna Schicklgruber was living in Vienna at the time she conceived.
At that time she was employed as a servant in the home of Baron Rothschild. As soon as the family discovered her pregnancy she was sent back home... where Alois was born."
Langer’s information came from the high level Gestapo officer, Hansjurgen Koehler, published in 1940, under the title "Inside the Gestapo". He writes about the investigations into Hitler’s background carried out by the Austrian Chancellor, Dolfuss, in the family files of Hitler. Yet, the story is not over as quote earlier by BibleSearchers Reflections:
BibleSearchers Reflections – “Koehler actually viewed a copy of the Dolfuss documents which were given to him by Heydrich, the overlord of the Nazi Secret Service. The file, he wrote, "caused such havoc as no file in the world ever caused before" (Inside the Gestapo, p 143). He also revealed that: "…The second bundle in the blue file contained the documents collected by Dolfuss.
The small statured, but big-hearted Austrian Chancellor must have known by such a personal file he might be able to check Hitler…His task was not difficult; as ruler of Austria he could easily find out about the personal data and family of Adolf Hitler, who had been born on Austrian soil... Through the original birth certificates, police registration cards, protocols, etc., all contained in the original file, the Austrian Chancellor succeeded in piecing together the disjointed parts of the puzzle, creating a more or less logical entity.

A little servant girl… (Hitler’s grandmother, Maria Anna Schicklgruber)…came to Vienna and became a domestic servant, mostly working for rather rich families. But she was unlucky; having been seduced, she was about to bear a child. She went home to her village for her confinement… Where was the little maid serving in Vienna? This was not a very difficult problem.
Very early Vienna had instituted the system of compulsory police registration. Both servants and the employers were exposed to heavy fines if they neglected this duty. Chancellor Dolfuss managed to discover the registration card. The little, innocent maid had been a servant at the…Rothschild mansion... and Hitler’s unknown grandfather must be probably looked for in this magnificent house. The Dolfuss file stopped at this statement."
According to a correspondent of David Icke, in the article, “Was Hitler a Rothschild?, who was a researcher into the Hitler ancestry, wrote:
David Icke – "It appears to me that Hitler knew about his connection long before his Chancellorship. Like his father before him, when the going got rough, the Hitlers went to Vienna. Hitler’s father left his home village at an early age to seek his fortune in Vienna. When Hitler was orphaned, after his mother died in December of 1907, he left for Vienna not long after the funeral.
There he seemed to drop out of sight for ten months! What happened during this ten-month stay in Vienna is a complete mystery on which history sheds no light. It makes sense, now that it has become established that Hitler was a Rothschild that he and his cousins were getting acquainted, and his potential for future family endeavors was being sized up".
The Rothschilds and the Illuminati produce many offspring out of wedlock in their secret breeding programs and these children are brought up under other names with other parents. Like Bill Clinton, who is almost certainly a Rockefeller produced in the same way, these "ordinary kids from ordinary backgrounds" go on to be extraordinarily successful in their chosen field. Hitler, too, would have produced unofficial children to maintain his strand of the bloodline and there will obviously be people of his bloodline alive today.
So which Rothschild was the grandfather of Hitler? My thanks to a website correspondent for the additional, updated, information to this article, a man has researched this story in some detail.
Alois, Hitler’s father, was born in 1837 in the period when Salomon Mayer was the only Rothschild who lived at the Vienna mansion. Even his wife did not live there because their marriage was so bad that she stayed in Frankfurt. Their son, Anselm Salomon spent most of his working life in Paris and Frankfurt away from Vienna and his father. Father Salomon Mayer, living alone at the Vienna mansion where Hitler’s grandmother worked, is the prime, most obvious candidate. And Hermann von Goldschmidt, the son of Salomon Mayer’s senior clerk, wrote a book, published in 1917, which said of Salomon: "…by the 1840s he had developed a somewhat reckless enthusiasm for young girls…a lecherous passion for very young girls, his adventures with whom had to be hushed up by the police."
Yet the story as it appears does not end there with the impregnation of a young maid in the mansion of one of the richest men in the world; Salomon Mayer von Rothschild in the Rothschild Mansion in Vienna, Austria at the age of 63 years. We will now take a look at the Salomon Rothschild family and what life was like in 19th century Vienna, and what life was not like for a bastard child of the Rothschilds, Adolf Hitler.
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