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April 13, 2017

When we speak about the Duke of Time, Nostradamus, we can’t help but consider that even if the seer did not want to claim the title of prophet, his work fits perfectly into the groove of the Christian-Catholic prophecy. Its very name, Michel de Notre Dame, Michael of Our Lady (as Archangel), is very evocative.
This section work will begin by presenting two other very famous Marian apparitions after the one at Fatima that we have already seen: Garabandal and La Salette. We will make finally a comparison with what might be called the Revelation of Nostradamus, written in the Epistle to King Henry II. The goal is, as usual, to show the proximity of sources of prophecy, in honor of the visionary of Salon.
The apparitions of Garabandal take place in the period from 18 June 1961 to 13 November 1965 in the Spanish village of Garabandal to four girls aged between eleven and twelve years old. The apparitions, all over 2000, could take a very long time, even several hours. The first message of the Virgin could be revealed according to the indications of the Virgin Mary on October 18, 1961. Keep in mind this date along with that of the last apparition, on November 13, which once again recalls that fateful Marian number that we talked about for the election of Pope Francis.
The salient feature of these apparitions is that were announced three major events: the Great Warning, the Great Miracle and the Great Chastisement. The first two events must take place within 12 months of each other, while the Great Chastisement will be conditioned to the response that humanity will give to the first two events. Let's see in brief about leaving the visionaries talking.
The Great Warning:
Conchita: "The Virgin told me January 10, 1965, the pines. I can not say what will be, because she told me to not say. She did not tell me when it will happen, I know that will be visible all over the world; will be the direct work of God and will take place before the miracle. I'm not sure if people will die. could only observing him die for the impression. "
Conchita, September 14, 1965: "The warning will be visible throughout the world, for everyone, wherever they are. It'll be like a revelation of our sins and will be seen and experienced by believers and non-believers, by the people of every religion. It will be like a purification before the miracle, a catastrophe that will make us think of the dead, in the sense that we would want to be in their place rather than live this warning. "
Conchita, October 1968: "This is not a natural phenomenon, it is something supernatural that science can not explain, a purification of the conscience of the world. Even those who do not know Christ, believe that it is a warning from God."
Conchita, October 1973: "The most important thing is that the whole world, everyone, you will receive a sign, a grace, or a punishment that we could call warning. At that time everyone will feel alone, wherever they are, with only their conscience, only before God, and they shall see their sins and the effects of their sins, and everyone will try it in the same instant. do not feel pain, but one emotional shock, such as a heart attack. [... ] This phenomenon will not cause physical damage, but fill us with horror, as we shall see in a moment our souls and the evils of which we are responsible. Will be as if we were in agony, but we will not die because of it, except in some cases, perhaps of fear and shock. If even that would last a moment, it will be very terrible. Nobody will doubt that everything comes from God and that it is not of human origin. I have a tremendous fear of that day. The Virgin told us that the warning and the miracle will be the last warnings or public events that God will give us. That's the reason why I believe that, after them, we will be closer to the end of time (the end of the present times, the end of our time). "
Mari Loli, in July 1965, and in September 1978: "The Warning and the Miracle will be within a 12 month period ... Like everyone else, I have to reproach myself for sins and as the Caveat will show me my sins, I'm afraid . All people will try it in wherever they are, whatever their condition or knowledge of God will be a personal inner experience. Fixed assets may seem that the world is, however, no one will have consciousness, because everyone will be engrossed in their own experience. It will be an inner feeling of grief and sorrow for having offended God. God will help us to see clearly the wrongs we did to him and misdeeds. It will help us to feel this inner pain because when we do something wrong, we are satisfied to ask the Lord's forgiveness only in a whisper, but the Caveat will help us to feel a deep sorrow try it on our body. "
[October 1982] "The Warning is close, but not so close, so it is likely that the human situation is worse. Then it will be very difficult for priests to celebrate the Mass; seem as if the Church is no longer there. When will come the Admonition, everything, in every place you stop for a moment, and people will think only to return to themselves and to examine the inside.
Jacinta, February 1977: "The Warning is something that will be seen first of all in the air anywhere in the world and immediately transmitted into our souls. It will last very little, but it will seem very long because of the effects that manifest in us , we will find ourselves in front of our consciousness, for good or evil we have committed. then feel a great love for our Heavenly Father and our Mother, and shall ask forgiveness for all our sins ... Painful events that will happen before the warning comes,  when the situation is going to get worse, not only because of the persecution, but because many people will have ceased to practice religion. ".

Conchita, 1980: "To me it's like two stars that crash and make a lot of noise and a great light but do not fall. It 's something that will not harm us but we will see. At that time we will see our consciousness, we will see all that we have done wrong. "
 Following Conchita added that the natural phenomenon that will accompany the Warning in the dictionary starts with the letter A.

For the Great Miracle the visionaries have revealed that by the Warning will occur 12 months, will be an event which will take place in the locality of the apparitions at Garabandal and will leave a permanent mark and indestructible film that you will see, but that will have no consistency to the touch. All those who attend live at the Miracle will be cured from any disease, regardless of their religious beliefs. The Miracle will be revealed eight days before it is fulfilled and shall take place according to the following guidelines:
It will take place at the Pines in Garabandal in a Thursday, on an important day for the Church, at 8.30 pm.
It will take place between 8 and 16 March, April or May.
It will fall on a day of celebration of a young martyr of the 'Eucharist with a name not common in Spain anyway.
It will last about 15 minutes.
Joey Lomangino (an American citizen who is one of the main speakers of the message of Garabandal), born in 1931 and became blind as a result of an accident at age 16 in 1947, will be  healed and come back to see.
Finally, the Great Chastisement. It will happen only if humanity does not convert after experiencing the universal events of the Warning and the Miracle (I wonder why I have the vague feeling that there will not miss it). It is unknown how long it will be before the miracle happens, but you know that is not a war. Conchita describes it this way: " it will be worse than if we had the fire under and above us . "
What is clear from the testimony of these events is that it will be natural phenomena which are coming upon mankind that will witness the real presence of God in the Universe.
The big warning is probably related to a large and powerful Aurora Borealis (the phenomenon that starts with A). Aurora can be produced by a powerful solar flare heading towards the Earth that will produce physical phenomena connected with the Warning and of which the seers have spoken on several occasions:
The cross in the sky (the plasma is distributed according to the "lines" of the Earth's magnetic field)
the dull rumble of the earth and the sky (electrophonic sounds)
Vision of the soul (we know little about the reactions of our organism to a powerful bombardment of electrically charged particles, a kind of electric shock)
Immobility of the Earth (electric discharge of this electrical storm could affect the motion of the planet)
Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and storms occur simultaneously when the Earth is impacted by solar plasma ejected by Flares.
Interruption of electronic transmissions satellite with all the easily imaginable consequences in terms of transport, sourcing goods, electronic communications of various kinds.
The event and then the shock could cause not only emotional and spiritual vision of the soul, but also the physical effects linked to the natural phenomenon with a general blackout of the world as we know it. What could cause such a Flare? One plausible explanation is the close passage of a particularly electrically charged comet. Indeed, it was observed that when a comet of this kind reaches perihelion, the sun reacts with a major eruption. This comet may even be diverted on its way to the electromagnetic interaction with the sun and become the direct cause of the subsequent Punishment. Here is the conditionality of the event. But how can you think that a natural event may be affected by a cosmic human social behavior? The explanation is complex, but it is far from true to say that if man is created in the image and likeness of God, then it has the ability to pay or not to that great force called Love harmonizing the forces surrounding materials. If all you see is, however, a manifestation of energy, then a messy social behavior (sinful) may attract "doom and doom" as well as a negative charge is able to attract to itself a positive charge. The individual electromagnetic fields of each person, when combined, produce a larger field of which we know little or nothing. But they could somehow relate to and influence external fields acting on the basis of finer forces of what we currently know. This gives rise to the calls for an orderly life, love, purified, turn to the spiritual elevation through meditation and prayer. All categories of thought easily intelligible by man and much less complicated than any "scientific" explanation. But if God is the Logos, then everything has an explanation, everything has a reason.
We leave now the techno-scientific thoughts and return to the Great Miracle. Because it is from here that you can set a time in which the events occur. The Miracle will take place between 8 and 16 March, April or May and will fall into a feast day of a young martyr of the 'Eucharist with an uncommon name in Spain. After much research it was determined that the martyr of the Eucharist is Sant'Ermenegildo, who died for refusing to receive communion from an Arian bishop, and most Saint Patron of Spain. But why a martyr of the Eucharist? Because the Miracle is all marked by the easter mystery. The mentioned months are the ones in which we celebrate Easter and the Thursday in question, with the time of 20.30, is clearly a reference to the Thursday of the Last Supper on Holy Thursday. S'Ermenegildo is celebrated (coincidentally) on April 13. Here once again come back the number 13. But in what years the April 13 will fall on Holy Thursday? Before answering this question we must remember that Joey Lomangino, born in 1931, will be at the Miracle and will be cured of his blindness. To want to be good we can considere as the final year 2028 when Joey will be well 97! Well the only available dates are 13 April 2017 and 13 April 2028. In the first case Joey will have 86 years and in the second case it will have 97. But 2017 is also the anniversary of the centenary of Fatima and remember that Benedict XVI expressed the hope that in this centenary will occur the Triumph of Mary eagerly awaited. Also in 2017 Joey will make the 70th year of blindness and the number 70 is an important biblical number. We also know, again thanks to the visionary Conchita, that with the current pontificate, the last of the various prophetic lists, it has entered the period known as the End Times. If the analysis is correct then we will have the Miracle on 13 April 2017 and in the 12 months that precede the Miracle we’ll have the Warning. October can be a possible month? On October 18, under indication of the Virgin, it was revealed the first message of Garabandal. Warning or Punishment could just have a reference with this month.

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