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EAST & WEST AT WAR ( From Garabandal : The Mysticism History of the End Times )

    ( From Garabandal : The Mysticism History of the End Times )

    During the cold war was elaborated by the circles that count, those funded by big business stateless, a new political doctrine which provided for the merger of the two greatest systems that at that time were fighting in the world . On the one hand capitalism , communism on the other . What could they possibly have in common the two blocks ? Simply the desire to dominate and the best way to dominate is to join forces. The system that was to be born from this synthesis was a kind of new feudalism based on financial potentates whose power was administered by a pervasive bureaucracy and a Soviet-style control system . This was the highest political ambition of the European elite . Obviously, this integration would be facilitated by a gradual rapprochement of the two systems , greater openness to finance the Soviet bloc and increased bureaucratization of Western Europe. In the '80s, Gorbachev's perestroika was not only an attempt to reform to save the Soviet Union , but an attempt to prepare the USSR to a possible merger with the mercantilist model of West.
    At the same time , however, it was hypothesized another competitor on the first project , designed primarily by the Germans. Also in this case the target was a merger between the two blocs , but in a purely of economic efficiency , the typical German way of thinking . Just as Germany was historically born from a customs agreement , and thus for economic reasons , the same way the German project of integration with Eastern Europe was driven by the same idea and that is to integrate the powerful German industry with the efficiency of its strength work with the vast Russian territory and its endless reserves of raw materials . The project was to create an economic area closed , based on industry, independent and autonomous from the Anglo-Saxon model of mercantilism .
    Obviously such a project was seen from centrals of London and Washington as a disaster and was attempted any effort to prevent it.
    As of today we can say that the model came out winning the contention is that mercantilist with the proposition of a monetary union in Europe, which has seen progressively lose sovereignty from nation states . At the same time increased the intrusiveness of the various bureaucracies in the private lives of citizens and the power of control and intimidation that the authority exercises over its people.
    The fall of communism in Europe in 1991 , therefore, was a stumbling block to the implementation of the plan? Can this be considered final fall ?
    As we saw in the previous article, almost in answer to a unique signal , apparently launched from the usual central supranational policies , the Communist parties of Western Europe are peremptorily become social-democratic parties , "progressive" movements , green ecologists, or summations of several defectors as communists , socialists, republicans, radicals .
    In Eastern Europe, by contrast, the political classes executives that were formed in the same party schools are almost completely remained in positions of power and if it were in places mainly in the view were in all those administrative structures and bureaucratic intermediates that form the backbone of any state.
    In Russia, the current political nomenclature has been consolidated in the group of siloviki , or officials of the St. Petersburg who come by the security apparatus of the former KGB and Putin who see the leading exponent .
    Therefore we can say that Europe is currently administered in all respects by forces from Marxist political education : from the names of the European institutions ( European Commission , for example, or commissioners ) to the function performed by the various organs . In fact, a repetition of the pattern of the Soviets , the national parliaments void of any real power, which converge in the Soviet central Brussels . The same policies that are being pursued policies are social revolution that replaced the " class struggle" the struggle for "civil rights" . But the intention of transforming alchemical civil society, with tear- drawing and following a brutal materialist , was unaffected.
    Concealed the danger of Marxism materialist who appeared to be dead is alive and well instead . And ready to break out again as soon as the right opportunity will present itself . And that time is , in all likelihood , the economic collapse of Europe, already begun in its peripheral areas.

    This premise was necessary to introduce the central topic of this article. That is, through the reinterpretation of the apparitions of Garabandal and interviews from some of the visionaries, indicate the time when the revolution and the war overwhelm Europe .
    In this sense, we read the various testimonies of various mystics who " saw" the riots hit European nations , " saw" the "communism" to return to the forefront and " saw " Russia will invade Europe .
    To dispel the doubts still more re-read some interviews with the visionaries in Spain.

    Conchita during an interview with Albrecht Weber in 1965
    Conchita : When communism comes again everything will begin.
    Weber : What do you mean " come again ? "
    Conchita : Yes , when he comes back again.
    Weber : You mean before the Warning happens communism will disappear ?
    Conchita : I do not know , but the Holy Virgin said ' when communism comes again "

    In 1965 he was one of the periods of maximum tension of the Cold War . Yet the words of Conchita even then testified that the Virgin had warned , in a nutshell, that communism would have been a scourge to humanity and that he would return . In 1965 half of Europe was under the Warsaw Pact and no one could think of a collapse of the system. Yet the Lady said that communism would come back and get back to you first need to go away. Only in 1991 these words have been able to gain a sense . The warning was not so much for humanity in 1965 , as well as for that of our days. And we see good all around us , the dominant ideology has Marxist roots deeply and, in some environments, such as those neocons, even Trozkiste . Conchita was able to say that the influence of communism in 1965 was less than that which he received for the Europe of the future.

    Mari Loli

    October 19, 1982
    D. Remember what you said about the Holy Virgin of the communist tribulation that would precede the Warning?
    R. It will seem as if communism had invaded the whole world and had become difficult to practice religion , it will be difficult for priests to say Mass for the faithful and open churches .
    D. That 's what you meant when you said that it will seem as though the Church had disappeared ?
    D. It will be because there will be persecution and not because people will no longer be practicing ?
    R. Yes, but I think many will no longer practice . Anyone who wants to practice will have to hide.
    D. This will only happen in Europe or in the United States ?
    R. I do not know why for me at that time, Europe was the world . I just assumed that it was so . The Holy Mother did not specify in what places . To me it seemed as if this happened anywhere.
    D. You said that it will become difficult for priests to say mass. That 's what the Holy Virgin told you or is it something that you thought you due to the communist tribulation ?
    R. According to what I remember is something that she told me .
    D. And the Virgin said that it will seem that the Church has disappeared ?
    R. Yes
    D. The Holy Mother has never said anything about the Pope will leave Rome at the time of the Warning ?
    R. No, but what seemed to me - it may be that at that time I confuse what I saw and what the Holy Mother would say to me because many years have passed - but it seemed to me that the Holy Father could not stay in Rome , you know what I mean , in the open. He, too, was persecuted and had to hide like everyone else .
    D. The people will fight against each other when the Warning will come.
    R. ( no answer).


    August 1979
    D. Do you remember anything about a great tribulation , communism ?
    R. Yes, there was an invasion , that is, something that seemed an invasion , something of a great evil in which communism played an important role, but I do not remember which countries or which countries were affected. The Virgin insisted in telling us to pray ( to be removed ) . These difficult events will occur before the Warning because the Warning itself will occur when the situation will turn for the worst.

    April 16, 1983
    D. In an interview in 1979 (above) you said describing the communist tribulation that " looked like an invasion ." Have you seen the scenes of this invasion ?
    R. Sometimes I confuse invasion with  persecution .
    D. You also said that when things will turn for the worse will be the Warning . How do you know this . Told you or you saw the Virgin in a vision?
    R. The Virgin said that the Warning will be there when things will turn for the worst. It will not be only because of persecution but because most people do not will practice the religion.
    D. Can you tell us something about how the world will look when it is the Warning?
    R. It will be bad

    In these interviews, it is clearly said that the riots and the religious persecution of communist-style take place before the world to experience the Great Warning . And ' an important indication in order to understand when these events begin to manifest . You have to remember that the Warning and the Miracle will occur both in a space of 12 months one after the other .

    Conchita Interview with Mrs. Christine Bocabeille

    Christine : If you can not tell me the exact year in which the Warning will happen , maybe you can give me some indication of the approximate ...
    Conchita : Yes , it will happen when the world will need more .
    Christine : And when will it be?
    Conchita : When Russia suddenly and abruptly conquer a large part of the free world . God does not want this to happen so quickly. In any case, the Warning will come when you can no longer freely celebrate the Mass, that will be the time when the world will need divine intervention.

    We are still in the 60s when Conchita released this short interview . Again we see that the seer connects the outbreak of the riots with the role that Russia will have to attack and suddenly invade Europe . And when the persecution will be such that you can not even celebrate Holy Mass , here come the time of the Warning and, subsequently, the miracle that is the direct intervention of God

    During a conversation which took place at his home in November 1965, Conchita said : " The pope will go to Russia , to Moscow. When he returns to the Vatican , then hostilities break out in different parts of Europe . "

    This other indication it is important to understand when the revolutions break out . In the previous article we saw that the turmoil in Europe will begin in the Balkans, with the assassination of a leader of the area between the former Yugoslavia and Hungary . Now we can add another event which has never happened before in history. The Holy Father's visit to Russia. Why the Pope will travel to Russia? For a reconciliation with the Orthodox Church ? Or to find a diplomatic way to avoid the bloodshed which he , of course, will be aware of?
    My firm belief is that the riots will be to unleash the various freemasonries who hide behind Brussels and that the action of Russia will be determined by a dull revenge in respect of ' " the West." The materialistic ideologies of any sort, always have the same goal which is to dominate. The plan for the merger of the two blocks that I mentioned before is doomed to failure because when one of the parties will feel stronger than the other thinks he can keep it all for themselves and to establish itself as the one and only winner .
    But back to the main question : when will this happen?
    The most significant data are those that relate to the Great Miracle and we have seen here . The event will take place :

    · A Thursday evening at 20.30
    · In April ( subsequent interviews in the months of March and May were excluded )
    · On the day when we celebrate a young Holy Martyrthe of the Eucharist with an uncommon name in Spain
    · Who will attend the Miracle believes and heal from disease
    · Among those who will be healed figure an American citizen , Joey Lomangino , born in 1931 and blind from the 1947 .

    Here's how Conchita speaks of the last point , which is crucial for the history:

    D. With regard to the sick , the Virgin spoke of a particular person, a blind man named Joey Lomangino . What did she say?
    R. She said that on the day of the great miracle he will regain his sight. He also spoke of a paralytic boy whose parents were from my country ( Garabandal ) . Even this boy will be healed. These were the only two people that you mentioned .

    After some research it was determined that the young  Martyr of the Holy Eucharist with the uncommon name in Spain is Sant'Ermenegildo , the patron saint of Spain. This saint is celebrated on April 13 . On the 13th of each month we celebrate the anniversary of the apparitions of Fatima , begin May 13 and end on October 13 . Even Pope Francis was elected the 13th day of the month of March.
    On Thursday evening at 20:30 is a picture of the Last Supper on Holy Thursday before the passion of Christ , when it was instituted the Eucharist . The miracle is therefore a paschal event and the Eucharist (April is a month in which we celebrate the Easter ) . On Holy Thursday, April 13 coincides with only two dates to 2050 ( when Lomangino can not be alive for biological reasons because he was born in 1931) : April 13, 2017 and April 13, 2028 .
    Therefore, at best , considering the age of Joey Lomangino , we have 15 years of maximum time between now and the Great Miracle and the outbreak of revolution and war.
    But between the two chronologies that with greater significance is undoubtedly the first . In fact, 2017 is the centenary of the apparitions of Fatima, began on May 13, 1917. But it is also the centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia of October 1917. If we consider that the Warning will occur within the 12 months preceding the Great Miracle , we have a pretty tight time frame and urgent for our future , any of the two histories is the exact one .
    From this war and disasters will emerge  these French monarch and the Great Pope  that will rebuild the world to coincide with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary promised at Fatima and the period of peace. And we also know that it will be directly divine intervention , using the Warning , the Miracle , and the Chastisement perhaps , to put an end to the madness of man.
    In the midst of disaster, hope for the man will not stay in the military or in the technology. But that will be in force that modern man has hardly ever wanted to consider , Faith , because it is considered weak and a loser.
    In this regard, and to conclude , I would like to quote the famous work of Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" which may well be defined as " true prophet " of our time ( the carryover as inspired by an excellent article by Socci on his blog " The foreigner "). In the saga of the terrible danger arises from the east to Mordor , and prepares to devastate the West. Sauron's forces have by their military power and that of the technique . While the West is perched in defense of the city of Minas Tirith , the symbol of a glorious past that has now disappeared , around the figure of the King recovered. The King is assisted by Gandalf the white priest , and both are fighting desperately for survival , knowing that the hope of victory lies not in the strength of arms.
    Denethor , superintendent of Minas Tirith, says : " The West succumbs . It will burn a huge fire and everything will disappear . "

    Denethor is the image of the West that tired , abandoning its Christian roots , has now lost hope in the future, certain of defeat, once it is caught in the sudden hostility .

    To Denethor answers Gandalf, the white priest : "Our forces have been just enough to repel the first assault. The next will be more massive. This war is therefore without hope, as Denethor had guessed . The victory can not be achieved by force of arms . "

    He then added : "I said that the victory can not be achieved by force of army . I still hope in the victory , but not in the army. "

    In fact, the victory will not be for weapons, but for the last of the last, the Hobbit Frodo, the Ring of Power that will lead to destruction. But it will not even be the same Frodo to destroy the ring , but the direct action of grace by which an evil, Gollum , will be able to take a good, the final victory. The "scandal and foolishness " Christians to flee what it can give power and destroy Sauron is incomprehensible and, finally, due to its defeat.

    How can we not recognize the extraordinary parallels with our own time and with what lies ahead ? Tolkien was really a Prophet? It was inspired by Providence ? The work was written at the height of the Cold War, but as Gandalf says ... the first attack was repulsed with difficulty, but the next one will be massive ! The first communism fell, but the next will find the people unprepared to deal with it. Mordor has allied itself with the peoples of the South and even here we must recognize the parallel with the Islamic awakening of which we have discussed . The old glory of Minas Tirith is a symbol of the old glory of Christian Europe that no longer exists and as it prepares to succumb deprived of all hope. But there arose a white priest , the Holy Father , which presents a distraught humanity to this new King, a Great Monarch of the ancient royal line that will appeal the sword to defend the ' ' West ' , Europe, against the invader. But it will not be by force of arms that it will ensure the final victory , as the intervention of God through the Warning and the Miracle to reinforce the ultimate victory of good over evil . And these loyal hosts are represented by those that power disgusted , those pilgrims who are the silent praying army of Mary  .


    Aggiungi un commento

    This article is devoted to the apparitions of La Salette, a small French village, which took place in the mid-nineteenth century to two children: Melanie Calvat and Massimino. These appearances are very important because of the prophetic message that has been given and that sums, typically with biblical language, the events that will mark the time by Napoleon III to the appearance and defeat of 'Antichrist. The secret of La Salette was revealed in a main message written by Melanie, which we may call "Apocalypse of Mary," and other shorter messages, two papers by Melanie and one from Massimino, to Pope Pius IX, and to Bishop Ginoulhiac, the latter hostile to the visionaries for its claim to learn their secrets. In this message, in fact, Melania exhibit in a so confused manner what she has written in the main messages addressed to the pope and to the world. We will report the main steps of these messages with the relevant comment and then make the necessary parallels with what we have seen until now in Fatima and Garabandal.
    The first message is a complete secret. I'll publish it in its salient parts and paragraphs in order to comment on it:
    "The Apocalypse of Mary"
    1. "Melanie, what I am about to tell you now will not always be a secret: you may publish it in 1858. 2. The priests, ministers of my Son, the priests, by their evil life, by their irreverence and their impiety in celebrating the holy mysteries, with the love of money, love of honors and pleasures, the priests have become cesspools of impurity. Yes, the priests provoke the vengeance, and vengeance is suspended over their heads. Woe to the priests and consecrated persons in God who, by their infidelities and their evil life are crucifying my Son again! The sins of persons consecrated to God cry out towards Heaven and call for vengeance, and now here is vengeance at their door, since there is none that calleth upon mercy and forgiveness for the people, there are no more generous souls, there is now no more none worthy of offering the Eternal Immaculate Victim on behalf of the world. 3. God will strike in an unparalleled way! 4. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth! God will drain his wrath and no one will be able to escape so many evils at once. 5. The leaders, the leaders of the people of God have neglected prayer and penance, and the devil has darkened their minds, they have become wandering stars which the old devil will drag along with his tail to ruin. God will abandon men to themselves and will send chastisements one after another for more than 35 years. 6. The company is on the eve of the most terrible scourges and of the greatest events, one must expect to be ruled by an iron rod and to drink the cup of the wrath of God 7. That the Vicar of my Son, the Sovereign Pontiff Pius IX, does not leave Rome after 1858, that he be firm and generous, face the battle with the weapons of faith and love. I will be with him. 8. Whether you are watching by Napoleon, and his heart is double, and when he wants to be pope and emperor at the same time, God will abandon him. He is the eagle who, wanting to get higher and higher, it will fall on the sword he wished to use to force the peoples to exalt him.

    In these first 8 points we have a heavy invective against priests and rulers of the world in which promises to be the beginning of sorrows. It will be interesting to note that even in the Epistle to the King Henry II of Nostradamus the beginning of the prophecies will take place with the description of the events that will take place from the French Revolution and what will happen next. The first 35 years of pain will see a succession of wars and revolutions in Europe marked by the fall of Papal Rome and the unleashing of the largest Christian persecution in Italy since the Roman Empire, as specified in step 9.

    9. Italy will be punished for her ambition in wanting to shake off the yoke of the Lord of Lords so it will be delivered at War: Blood will flow on all sides: Churches will be closed or desecrated: priests, religious will be hunted, and shall be put to death and a cruel death. Many will abandon the faith and the number of priests and religious who will separate themselves from the true religion will be great: even the Bishops will be found among these people. 10. That the pope is on guard against the performers of miracles, because the time has come when the most astonishing wonders will take place on earth and in heaven. 11. Year 1864, Lucifer, and a large number of demons will be loose from hell: little by little they will abolish the faith, and that even in persons consecrated to God, and they will blind them to the point that without a special grace, these people take on the spirit of these bad angels: several religious houses will lose the faith entirely and cause the damnation of many souls. 12. Bad books will be abundant on earth and the spirits of darkness will spread from every part of a universal relaxation in everything that concerns the service of God, and they will have a great power over nature: there will be churches to serve these spirits [...]

    In these times of persecution in nineteenth century there will be many sects training and beginning to spread the doctrines of various types contrary to the Gospel. Will occur the first Masonic-style Satanist covens.
    13. The Vicar of my Son will suffer a lot, because for a while 'the Church will be subject to great persecution. It will be the hour of darkness: the Church will pass a frightful crisis. 14. Forgot your holy faith of God, every individual will want to own and be superior to its peers. The civil and ecclesiastical authorities will be abolished, order and justice will be trampled underfoot. You will see only homicides, hate, jealousy, lying and discord, without love for the motherland and for the family.

    With the fall of Papal Rome, will begin a deep crisis in the Church that was attempted to deal with the First Vatican Council which was never completed because of the war. With the Second Vatican Council and the following period will result in full force with the modernist crisis in the Catholic Church. In parallel, the civil society will increasingly wipe out the Catholic morality to pursue their own path of alleged material and spiritual freedom.
    15. The Holy Father will suffer much. I will be with him until the end to receive his sacrifice. 16. The wicked will make several attempts on his life, without being able to shorten his days, but neither he nor his successor will see the triumph of the Church of God 17. The civil rulers will all have the same purpose, which will be to abolish and make every religious principle disappear, to make way for materialism, atheism, spiritualism and vice of all kinds. 18. [...]

    At paragraphs 15-16 and 17 deal with the challenges that are typical for the Church in the late nineteenth century and the post-war period of the twentieth century. In fact, the consequences of this type of powerful policies continue to this day with the various liberalization in the moral that more and more attack to the heart the Christian faith. But the roots of such political strategies are precisely the nineteenth century. Suffice it to recall the Syllabus of Pope Pius IX and the fight against Modernism of Pope St. Pius X.
    19. France, Italy, Spain and England will be at war, blood will flow in the streets, the French will fight Frenchman, Italian with Italian, then there will be a general war which will be appalling. For a while, 'God does not remember France and Italy because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is no longer known. The wicked sguinzaglieranno all their iniquity, even in homes there will be murders and massacres mortgages.

    In paragraph 19, took offense at the wars that have battered Europe in the twentieth century, but it also introduces the war and persecution that characterize the so-called End Times before the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary announced at Fatima. In fact described in the next paragraph we see the events leading to the Triumph, the period of peace and conclude that the End Times announced in Garabandal, with the Warning, the Miracle, the Chastisement. These are the times we are living in.
    20. With the first lightning stroke of his sword, the mountains and all nature will tremble in terror, for the disorders and crimes of men are ripping through the vault of the heavens. Paris will be burned and Marseilles engulfed; many large cities will be shaken down and swallowed up by earthquakes, all seems lost, you will only see murders, you will hear noise of weapons and blasphemies. The righteous will suffer greatly, their prayers, their penances and their tears will rise up to Heaven and all the people of God, ask for forgiveness and mercy and ask for my help and intercession. Then Jesus Christ, by an act of His justice and His great mercy toward the righteous, will command his angels to put to death all his enemies. In one fell the persecutors of the Church of Jesus Christ and all those given to sin perish, and the earth will become like a desert.
    Not only war and persecution, but also natural upheavals to purify the Earth. Recurs also the terrible prophecy of Paris and Marseille that have announced more than one seer among which should be noted St. John Bosco.
    then, there will be peace, the reconciliation of God with men, Jesus Christ will be served , adored and glorified; charity will flourish everywhere. The new kings will be the right arm of the holy Church, which will be strong, humble, pious, poor, zealous, imitating the virtues of Jesus Christ.'s Gospel will be preached everywhere and men will make great step in faith, because there will be unity among the workers of Jesus Christ and men will live in the fear of God 21. But this peace among men will not last long: 25 years of abundant harvests will make them forget that the sins of men are the cause of all the troubles that occur on earth.
    The period of peace predicted at Fatima will be guaranteed by the presence of these new kings, rulers who will be led as seen by this great monarch of France that Nostradamus has addressed in his Epistle masking it with the French King Henry II.
    Melania in the following messages will be more explicit. But this period will not last long as we have seen.
    22. A forerunner of the Antichrist, with its militias taken by many nations, will wage war against the true Christ, the only Saviour of the world, and he will shed much blood and will seek to annul the worship of God to be regarded as a god 23. The earth will be struck punishments of all kinds [ in addition to plague and famine which will be widespread, added by Melanie]: there will be wars until the last war, which will then be moved by ten kings of the Antichrist, kings who will have a common design and will be the only rulers of the world. Before this happens, there will be a kind of false peace in the world: people will think just to have fun, the wicked will go to all kinds of sin, but the children of the holy Church, the children of the true faith, my true imitators , grow in the love of God and in the virtues dearest to me. Happy the humble souls guided by the Holy Spirit or fight with them until they reach the fullness of maturity. 24. Nature begs vengeance on account of men and trembles of fear, waiting for what must happen to the earth stained with crime. 25. Tremble, earth, and you who profess to serve Jesus Christ, while interiorly you adore yourselves, tremble! Because God will deliver his enemy, because the holy places are in a state of corruption, many convents are no longer houses of God, but pastures for Asmodeus and his people.
     After the period of peace resulted in the govern given by the Great Monarch, humanity will return to a frivolous life forgetting past events and the established order will be disturbed by the discord of the rulers who have inherited the kingdom. It's not hard to imagine the core of this future Kingdom in attempts to establish a united Europe began in the twentieth century. Wars begin again and will continue until a one carried out by the 10 kings of the Antichrist. This pass of the Apocalypse of Mary recalls directly the one of John when the Beast and the Kings will gather in the plain of Armageddon for the final battle.
    26. will be at this time that the Antichrist will be born a Jewish nun, a false virgin who will be in communication with the ancient serpent, master of impurity, his father will be a bishop [in French: Ev.] birth vomit blasphemies, he will have teeth, in a word, this will be the devil incarnate emit cries terrifying. wonders will, he shall live impurities. He will have brothers who, although not devils incarnate like him, will be children of evil, at the age of twelve years will be noted for the valiant victories they'll get, and soon they will each be in head of armies, assisted by legions of hell.
    In step 26, we have the description from the biblical tradition of the figure of the Antichrist, born of the tribe of Dan on his mother and father with an apostate bishop.
    27. The seasons change, the land will only produce bad fruit: the heavenly bodies will lose the regularity of their movements, the moon will only reflect a faint reddish light, water and fire will determine motions shocking to the sphere of the earth, making swallowing mountains and cities, etc.. 28. Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist. 29. The demons of the air together with the Antichrist, will work great wonders on earth and in the air, and men will become even more perverted: God will take care of His faithful servants and men of good will: the Gospel will be preached everywhere, all peoples and all nations shall know the truth. I make an urgent appeal to the earth: I call upon the true disciples of God who lives and reigns in Heaven, I call upon the true imitators Christ made ​​man, the only true Savior of men, I appeal to my children, my true devotees, those who have given me so that I may lead them to my divine Son, those whom I carry in my arms as if they were , those who have lived in my spirit. Finally, I appeal to the apostles of the last times, the faithful disciples of Jesus Christ who have lived in contempt of the world and of themselves, in poverty and humility, in contempt and silence, in prayer and mortification, in chastity and in union with God, in suffering and unknown to the world. And now for them to emerge and come enlighten the earth. Go, show that you are my dear children, I am with you and in you, because your faith is the light enlightening you in these evil times. May your zeal make you famished for the glory and honor of Jesus Christ. Fight, children of light, you, the few who see in this regard, since the time of times, the end of ended, is near. 31. The Church will be eclipsed, the world will be in consternation. But there are Enoch and Elijah, filled with the spirit of God, they will preach with the power of God, and men of good will believe in God, and many souls will be comforted, they will make great progress by virtue of the Holy Spirit and will condemn the devilish lapses of the Antichrist. 32. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth! There will be bloody wars and famines, plagues and contagious diseases: there will be scary showers and mortality of animals; thunder that demolished cities, earthquakes which will engulf countries; voices will be heard in the air, the men beat their heads against the wall: they shall call death, but death will be their torment; blood will flow by all parties. Who could do it if God does not shorten the time of trial? Rare, the tears, the prayers of the righteous. God will become less severe; Enoch and Elijah will be put to death; pagan Rome will disappear, and the fire of Heaven will fall and consume three cities, the whole universe will be struck with terror and many will let themselves be seduced, because they do not worship the true Christ living in their midst. And now, the sun is darkening, only faith will survive. 33. The time is near the abyss is opening. Behold, the king of kings of darkness. Here is the beast with his subjects, calling itself the savior of the world. In pride he will rise up to Heaven to go up to heaven, but he will be smothered by the breath of St. Michael the Archangel. He will fall, and the earth for three days has been constantly changing will open its chest inflamed, he will be plunged forever with all his followers into the eternal depths of hell. So water and fire will purify the earth and consume all the works of men, and everything will be renewed. God will be served and glorified. "

    In these steps until the 33rd we have a summary of the Apocalypse of John where Enoch and Elijah are the two witnesses in sackcloth who preach against the Antichrist. Rome is the Jerusalem of Revelation, become pagan and converted into a seat of the Antichrist. The three days of darkness announced by many prophets, a cosmic catastrophe that will invest the Earth, will put an end to the reign of the Antichrist.
    Grenoble, July 6, 1851
    From the letter to the Holy Father Pius IX, Melania the message to Our Lady:

    Melanie, I am going to tell you something that will not tell anyone. The time of God's wrath has come, though, when you tell the people what I said and I'll tell you now say again: if, after that, they will not convert, you do not do penance and do not cease to work the Sunday and will continue to blaspheme the holy name of God, in a word, if the face of the earth does not change, God will take revenge against the people ungrateful and slave of the devil. My Son is going to manifest his power. Paris, this city stained from all sorts of crimes, infallibly perish, Marseille will be swallowed up shortly afterwards. When these things happen, the disorder will be complete on earth, the world will abandon its impious passions. Pope will be persecuted on every side, they will shoot him, they will want to put him to death, but can not do anything. The Vicar of Christ will triumph once again. Priests, religious and various servants of my Son will be persecuted and many will die for their faith in Jesus Christ. It will reign in that time a great hunger . After all these things are come upon, many people recognize the hand of God upon them, and they will be converted and will do penance for their sins. A great king will rise to the throne and reign for a couple of years . The religion will flourish again and will spread over all the earth and fertility will be great, the world, glad to not miss anything, start again with its unrest and forsake God and give it up to his criminal passions. There will also be Ministers of God and the brides of Jesus Christ who will give themselves over to the riots and this will be a terrible thing, and finally hell will reign on earth; it will be then that the Antichrist will be born from a religious, but woe to hert, many people believe him because they will say come from heaven, the time is not far away, [...]. My daughter, you will not say what I told you, you will say, if you say one day, you will say about this, then do not say anything until that day.

    In this second message, sent directly to the pope, the visionary Melanie summarizes the main points of '"Apocalypse of Mary" starting from the time that lies ahead until the period of peace: war (destruction of Paris), natural catastrophes (Marseille swallowed by sea), persecution of the Church, the economic crisis (Fame) until the triumph with the arrival of the Great Monarch. Only after this peace the riots worse than before will start again up to the time of the Antichrist.
    The secret (modified) given by Melanie Bishop Ginoulhiac

    In this message I will post only the part that Melanie has not specially modified for deceive the bishop who wanted to snatch the secret in contravention of the directions of Blessed Mary.
    Melania I come to tell you some things that you do not have to disclose to anyone, untilI  tell you to send it. If after you've announced to the people everything that I have experienced and all that I'll say it again to make it known, if after that the world does not convert, in a word, if the face of the earth does not change for the better, they will come misfortunes, come a great hunger and at the same time a great war, first in the whole of France, Russia and later in England: [...]
    In this passage foreshadow the calamities that hit Europe in the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century with the persecution of the Church, the economic crisis of the Great Depression, the First and the Second World War .
    persons consecrated to God forget their religious duties, and fall prey to a great relaxation, to forget God and finally the whole world forget his Creator. It is then that the punishment will begin again. God, irritated, unerringly hit the whole world in this way: a wicked man will reign in France. He will persecute the Church, will close the churches, and will come fire. It will break out a great famine, accompanied by plague and civil war. At that time Paris will be destroyed, Marseille flooded, and will always be at this time that the true servants of God will receive the martyr's crown for staying faithful. The Pope and the ministers [of God] will suffer persecution. But God will be with them, the Pope will get the palm of martyrdom along with the religious. Whether the sovereign Pontiff prepare his weapons and keep ready to march in defense of the religion of my Son. Who incessantly ask the power of the Holy Spirit, as well as persons consecrated to God, for the religious persecution will rage everywhere and many priests, religious men and women will become apostates. Oh! What great offense to my Son by ministers and the brides of Jesus Christ! After that persecution there will not be another [similar] to the end of the world. [...]  
    In this part we talk about an evil man in France who will persecute the Church and the pope who will be martyred. We do not know if the wicked man in France was invented to confuse the bishop in his curiosity, but the latest story of conflict between the French Government and the Church seem to go in this direction. The martyrdom of the Pope returns frequently and we often compared it to Pope Francis

    The last message is the secret revealed by Massimino in a letter to Pope Pius IX.
                                     Grenoble, July 3, 1851

    In September 19, 1846 we saw a beautiful lady. We did not say that the Lady was the Blessed Virgin, but we always said it was a beautiful lady. I do not know if it was the Holy Virgin or another person, but today I think it was the Holy Virgin. Here's what that lady told me. If my people continues, what I'm about to tell you will arrive as soon as possible, if a little change, it will be later. France has corrupted the universe , one day will be punished. Faith will go off in France. A third of France won’t practice the religion anymore or nearly so. The other part will practice but not well. [...] Then the nations will convert to the faith and turn back to God. A large district of northern Europe, now Protestant, will be converted, and by the example of that district the other nations of the world will be converted . Before this it will happen in the Church a great turmoil and shortly after that, the Holy Father, the Pope, will be persecuted. His successor will be a pope that no one expects. Shortly after that, a great peace will come, but it will not last long. A monster will come to disturb it. Everything I say will happen in the next century or at the latest during the years of two thousand [Maximin Giraud]. She told me to say it some time later. My Holy Father, your blessing to one of your sheep. Maximin Giraud.

    During this short message are added some details "unpublished". First, the conditionality of events or if we want the relativity of time. It 's the reason why the dates are never openly given because everything that falls under the "future" is subject to what is happening in the "present." Therefore, an event can happen or not, can be done in one way or another, in one time or another in correspondence of what happens first. So it is not the time to determine an event, but the event, the behavior of man, to determine the time. France, first nation to convert to the Church, for this reason called firstborn, has corrupted the world through the dissemination of Masonic ideals masked by the ideals of freedom. And this event is the French Revolution. Similar words will be used by Nostradamus. It should be noted that the task of restoring the Faith will still be entrusted to France, to somehow repair the mistakes made, with the advent of the Great Monarch. Following this, a Protestant nation of North will be converted (England) and the other will follow its example. First, however, there will be war and persecution. It should be noted that the conversion of a nation can only be done behind the occurrence of extraordinary events and we must not forget that this period is marked by the Warning, the Miracle and perhaps Punishment seen at Garabandal. The pope will be persecuted, and in this persecution we have a glimpse of the pontificate of Pope Francis. His successor, which maybe will see the establishment of this peace, beginning a new time, it will be a character that no one expects. Melania however, has indicated that Peace in 25 years, and it will be troubled by a monster and in this monster, probably, we must see the forerunner of the Antichrist which has been discussed in '"Apocalypse of Mary." Important termination of the message in which a time is given, but not a date. And this time, at the latest, are the years of 2000. The times we are living in... and here we come with full circle in perfect harmony with the testimony of the visionaries at Garabandal, marking the End Times, with the succession of the various pontificates until the one of Francis.
    As you can see distant events always flow in the same direction to clear testimony that the source of inspiration is always the same and is intended to preserve humanity from the calamity that it obtains with its own hands. 
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    April 13, 2017

    When we speak about the Duke of Time, Nostradamus, we can’t help but consider that even if the seer did not want to claim the title of prophet, his work fits perfectly into the groove of the Christian-Catholic prophecy. Its very name, Michel de Notre Dame, Michael of Our Lady (as Archangel), is very evocative.
    This section work will begin by presenting two other very famous Marian apparitions after the one at Fatima that we have already seen: Garabandal and La Salette. We will make finally a comparison with what might be called the Revelation of Nostradamus, written in the Epistle to King Henry II. The goal is, as usual, to show the proximity of sources of prophecy, in honor of the visionary of Salon.
    The apparitions of Garabandal take place in the period from 18 June 1961 to 13 November 1965 in the Spanish village of Garabandal to four girls aged between eleven and twelve years old. The apparitions, all over 2000, could take a very long time, even several hours. The first message of the Virgin could be revealed according to the indications of the Virgin Mary on October 18, 1961. Keep in mind this date along with that of the last apparition, on November 13, which once again recalls that fateful Marian number that we talked about for the election of Pope Francis.
    The salient feature of these apparitions is that were announced three major events: the Great Warning, the Great Miracle and the Great Chastisement. The first two events must take place within 12 months of each other, while the Great Chastisement will be conditioned to the response that humanity will give to the first two events. Let's see in brief about leaving the visionaries talking.
    The Great Warning:
    Conchita: "The Virgin told me January 10, 1965, the pines. I can not say what will be, because she told me to not say. She did not tell me when it will happen, I know that will be visible all over the world; will be the direct work of God and will take place before the miracle. I'm not sure if people will die. could only observing him die for the impression. "
    Conchita, September 14, 1965: "The warning will be visible throughout the world, for everyone, wherever they are. It'll be like a revelation of our sins and will be seen and experienced by believers and non-believers, by the people of every religion. It will be like a purification before the miracle, a catastrophe that will make us think of the dead, in the sense that we would want to be in their place rather than live this warning. "
    Conchita, October 1968: "This is not a natural phenomenon, it is something supernatural that science can not explain, a purification of the conscience of the world. Even those who do not know Christ, believe that it is a warning from God."
    Conchita, October 1973: "The most important thing is that the whole world, everyone, you will receive a sign, a grace, or a punishment that we could call warning. At that time everyone will feel alone, wherever they are, with only their conscience, only before God, and they shall see their sins and the effects of their sins, and everyone will try it in the same instant. do not feel pain, but one emotional shock, such as a heart attack. [... ] This phenomenon will not cause physical damage, but fill us with horror, as we shall see in a moment our souls and the evils of which we are responsible. Will be as if we were in agony, but we will not die because of it, except in some cases, perhaps of fear and shock. If even that would last a moment, it will be very terrible. Nobody will doubt that everything comes from God and that it is not of human origin. I have a tremendous fear of that day. The Virgin told us that the warning and the miracle will be the last warnings or public events that God will give us. That's the reason why I believe that, after them, we will be closer to the end of time (the end of the present times, the end of our time). "
    Mari Loli, in July 1965, and in September 1978: "The Warning and the Miracle will be within a 12 month period ... Like everyone else, I have to reproach myself for sins and as the Caveat will show me my sins, I'm afraid . All people will try it in wherever they are, whatever their condition or knowledge of God will be a personal inner experience. Fixed assets may seem that the world is, however, no one will have consciousness, because everyone will be engrossed in their own experience. It will be an inner feeling of grief and sorrow for having offended God. God will help us to see clearly the wrongs we did to him and misdeeds. It will help us to feel this inner pain because when we do something wrong, we are satisfied to ask the Lord's forgiveness only in a whisper, but the Caveat will help us to feel a deep sorrow try it on our body. "
    [October 1982] "The Warning is close, but not so close, so it is likely that the human situation is worse. Then it will be very difficult for priests to celebrate the Mass; seem as if the Church is no longer there. When will come the Admonition, everything, in every place you stop for a moment, and people will think only to return to themselves and to examine the inside.
    Jacinta, February 1977: "The Warning is something that will be seen first of all in the air anywhere in the world and immediately transmitted into our souls. It will last very little, but it will seem very long because of the effects that manifest in us , we will find ourselves in front of our consciousness, for good or evil we have committed. then feel a great love for our Heavenly Father and our Mother, and shall ask forgiveness for all our sins ... Painful events that will happen before the warning comes,  when the situation is going to get worse, not only because of the persecution, but because many people will have ceased to practice religion. ".

    Conchita, 1980: "To me it's like two stars that crash and make a lot of noise and a great light but do not fall. It 's something that will not harm us but we will see. At that time we will see our consciousness, we will see all that we have done wrong. "
     Following Conchita added that the natural phenomenon that will accompany the Warning in the dictionary starts with the letter A.

    For the Great Miracle the visionaries have revealed that by the Warning will occur 12 months, will be an event which will take place in the locality of the apparitions at Garabandal and will leave a permanent mark and indestructible film that you will see, but that will have no consistency to the touch. All those who attend live at the Miracle will be cured from any disease, regardless of their religious beliefs. The Miracle will be revealed eight days before it is fulfilled and shall take place according to the following guidelines:
    It will take place at the Pines in Garabandal in a Thursday, on an important day for the Church, at 8.30 pm.
    It will take place between 8 and 16 March, April or May.
    It will fall on a day of celebration of a young martyr of the 'Eucharist with a name not common in Spain anyway.
    It will last about 15 minutes.
    Joey Lomangino (an American citizen who is one of the main speakers of the message of Garabandal), born in 1931 and became blind as a result of an accident at age 16 in 1947, will be  healed and come back to see.
    Finally, the Great Chastisement. It will happen only if humanity does not convert after experiencing the universal events of the Warning and the Miracle (I wonder why I have the vague feeling that there will not miss it). It is unknown how long it will be before the miracle happens, but you know that is not a war. Conchita describes it this way: " it will be worse than if we had the fire under and above us . "
    What is clear from the testimony of these events is that it will be natural phenomena which are coming upon mankind that will witness the real presence of God in the Universe.
    The big warning is probably related to a large and powerful Aurora Borealis (the phenomenon that starts with A). Aurora can be produced by a powerful solar flare heading towards the Earth that will produce physical phenomena connected with the Warning and of which the seers have spoken on several occasions:
    The cross in the sky (the plasma is distributed according to the "lines" of the Earth's magnetic field)
    the dull rumble of the earth and the sky (electrophonic sounds)
    Vision of the soul (we know little about the reactions of our organism to a powerful bombardment of electrically charged particles, a kind of electric shock)
    Immobility of the Earth (electric discharge of this electrical storm could affect the motion of the planet)
    Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and storms occur simultaneously when the Earth is impacted by solar plasma ejected by Flares.
    Interruption of electronic transmissions satellite with all the easily imaginable consequences in terms of transport, sourcing goods, electronic communications of various kinds.
    The event and then the shock could cause not only emotional and spiritual vision of the soul, but also the physical effects linked to the natural phenomenon with a general blackout of the world as we know it. What could cause such a Flare? One plausible explanation is the close passage of a particularly electrically charged comet. Indeed, it was observed that when a comet of this kind reaches perihelion, the sun reacts with a major eruption. This comet may even be diverted on its way to the electromagnetic interaction with the sun and become the direct cause of the subsequent Punishment. Here is the conditionality of the event. But how can you think that a natural event may be affected by a cosmic human social behavior? The explanation is complex, but it is far from true to say that if man is created in the image and likeness of God, then it has the ability to pay or not to that great force called Love harmonizing the forces surrounding materials. If all you see is, however, a manifestation of energy, then a messy social behavior (sinful) may attract "doom and doom" as well as a negative charge is able to attract to itself a positive charge. The individual electromagnetic fields of each person, when combined, produce a larger field of which we know little or nothing. But they could somehow relate to and influence external fields acting on the basis of finer forces of what we currently know. This gives rise to the calls for an orderly life, love, purified, turn to the spiritual elevation through meditation and prayer. All categories of thought easily intelligible by man and much less complicated than any "scientific" explanation. But if God is the Logos, then everything has an explanation, everything has a reason.
    We leave now the techno-scientific thoughts and return to the Great Miracle. Because it is from here that you can set a time in which the events occur. The Miracle will take place between 8 and 16 March, April or May and will fall into a feast day of a young martyr of the 'Eucharist with an uncommon name in Spain. After much research it was determined that the martyr of the Eucharist is Sant'Ermenegildo, who died for refusing to receive communion from an Arian bishop, and most Saint Patron of Spain. But why a martyr of the Eucharist? Because the Miracle is all marked by the easter mystery. The mentioned months are the ones in which we celebrate Easter and the Thursday in question, with the time of 20.30, is clearly a reference to the Thursday of the Last Supper on Holy Thursday. S'Ermenegildo is celebrated (coincidentally) on April 13. Here once again come back the number 13. But in what years the April 13 will fall on Holy Thursday? Before answering this question we must remember that Joey Lomangino, born in 1931, will be at the Miracle and will be cured of his blindness. To want to be good we can considere as the final year 2028 when Joey will be well 97! Well the only available dates are 13 April 2017 and 13 April 2028. In the first case Joey will have 86 years and in the second case it will have 97. But 2017 is also the anniversary of the centenary of Fatima and remember that Benedict XVI expressed the hope that in this centenary will occur the Triumph of Mary eagerly awaited. Also in 2017 Joey will make the 70th year of blindness and the number 70 is an important biblical number. We also know, again thanks to the visionary Conchita, that with the current pontificate, the last of the various prophetic lists, it has entered the period known as the End Times. If the analysis is correct then we will have the Miracle on 13 April 2017 and in the 12 months that precede the Miracle we’ll have the Warning. October can be a possible month? On October 18, under indication of the Virgin, it was revealed the first message of Garabandal. Warning or Punishment could just have a reference with this month.

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    The syndrome of the chosen one attacks infallibly most of the scholars of Nostradamus. It affects the human ego pretending to be addressed just as the only depositary of the Nostradamus prophetic secrets. The syndrome, as you can imagine, produces a significant increase in their pride and self-convincing leads the individual to groped interpretation in order to remain ahead of the curve and continue to be the chosen one. The syndrome usually attacks those who somehow actually make partakers of important discoveries, but they tend to consider their study as the only true and just.
    Personally I think instead that despite many differences between all major Nostradamus scholars have given their contribution to make the work lighter. Among all I believe that the Ramotti is the one who more than any other has been able to help in this way to the complete decryption of the Centuries proposing an organic and effective mathematical key to order the verses by topic and by time. But this work also complex and important is just a piece that joins the other to form a unique example that over time will give its fruit.
    We have not yet come to understand the secrets of the seer of the Salon, but we're probably neighbors. The time of the Great Monarch is approaching and so the revelation of the secrets of the past.
    The Duke of the Times has often shown its gratitude to its OFFSPRING, or scholars who over the centuries have been interested in his work. In the Epistle to his son Caesar, clearly written for his interpreters, he talks about the late arrival of this son, meaning that the secret of his prophecies will be revealed towards the end of the time he predicted. Our time. However, the performers often consider only the references to their work as the valid one and take advantage of the verses of the seer also to carve out a public image. This is not the road that Nostradamus indicated and he will keep to specify it in different ways.
    In the '70s Domus Morozzo (DM) has been brought to the attention of the public thanks to the discovery of the tombstone by the Boscolo; it was found in the former house of the family Morozzo near Turin. The plaque bears an inscription dating back to 1556 that celebrates the passage of Nostradamus for those lands. The language used is a Latin rather crude and reinvented in order to use the text as a platform for a cryptographic key with which to extrapolate a different text, the hidden secret of the plaque.
    The translation of which reads as follows:
    Nostradamus staying here
    where is Heaven, Hell, Purgatory
    My name is Victory
    those who honor me have the glory
    those who despise me will have the complete ruin .
    There have been several attempts to decrypt the text and once again the most convincing part is the one of the Ramotti. Using a wrench to extrapolate the individual letters according to the scheme of the date 1-5-5-6 and 6-5-5-1, starting with the date, you get the following period without any anagram, but only a few interpolation of letters (uppercase and lowercase those extracted those interpolated):
    ITALIA hA SERVO Ed E'A TOrino qUi Onore ed AUGE MI VA .
    RESTA AI Imi PASsi , fa POI PATrian , Qui Onore AvrA'
    E PROLE Ed OnDA A vENIr . I FATI dEL TeMpo HAn dA dIR .
    “Italy has a servant and he is in Turin, here honour and acme for me
    Remains at the first steps, then does Patrian, here Honour he will have
    And Offspring and wave is to come, fates of times the’ve to tell.”
    The first award is the popularizer of the discovery of the tombstone in Turin and other works of the seer: the Boscolo. Carlo Patrian is actually the author of a voluminous text that gives an excellent translation of the Epistles and of the Centuries and more a series of commentaries on some of the most important scholars of the seer. Finally we have the OFFSPRING, as numerous as his children, which represents a set of interpreters from the 70s forward that slowly find the ultimate secret and among these is undoubtedly the Ramotti. Noteworthy is the fact that the stone has been left in Italy and that the extrapolated text is in Italian, as to indicate the primary role of this land that will have to give the deserved glory to the Duke.
    Associated with this inscription, there are two important quatrains: the 866 and the 907.
    Quand l'escriture DM trouuee,
    Et Caue antique lampe à descouuerte,
    Loy, Roy, & Prince Vlpian esprouuee,
    Pauillon Royne & Duc sous la couuerte.
    When the inscription DM found,
    In the ancient cave discovered to him by lamp,
    Law, King and Prince Ulpian tried,
    Queen, Duke under the covered pavilion.
    Qui ouurira the monument trouué,
    Et it viendra the serrer promptement,
    Mal luy viendra, & it pourra prouué
    Si mieux doit estre Roy Breton ou Normand.
    Who will open the monument found,
    And will not close again promptly,
    Evil hit him, and will not try
    If to be better Breton or Norman King.
    The first quatrain describes the discovery of the plaque and the time in which it will make this discovery in its first stage and in the second. The 907 does contain a warning to the one who will open the closed monument. But what is meant to open? I personally think that to open the plaque was not the Boscolo, but the Ramotti. In fact to open a door we need with a key or multiple keys. And the keys were found by Ramotti. Unfortunately he is no longer with us and therefore he can not be a witness if the Great Monarch will be expected Breton or Norman. But in reality, thanks to the Marian apparitions at Kérizinen (Brittany) and other Christian mystics, we already know that the King will be Breton.
    As we said it happens sometimes that the seer with irony mocks its own interpreters and, although making their honor, subtly warn them not to get caught by the syndrome of the chosen one. And that's the case of Pictorial Table 67 (65) where the Rex Nuceus appears, in english the walnut king (walnut tree), better yet Renucio (name of Boscolo). The references are both the name and the surname of the similarity with Bosco. The appearance of this King is rather unclear and seems to stretch to the text of the Centuries with hairy tentacles to grab them. Those who consider themselves the chosen ones, kings, despite being important interpreters, threatens to turn into a monster and that goes for anyone.
    Boscolo in recent years is quite active in publishing volumes about one of his latest discoveries, the Triumph of Fortuna by Italian Sigismondo Fanti, published in 1526. It is a hermetic astrological text written in verse and containing sixteen Centuries divided into quatrains, just like Nostradamus' Centuries. According to the Boscolo , Fanti was the teacher of Nostradamus and first inspiration of his work. He even revealed that the young man in his Centuries, the jew Michael, was just one of his pupils. We haven’t the opportunity to agree or deny as this text is not in our possession, but something is still right to say it. The Jewish ancestry of Nostradamus suggest the possibility that he had to have access to the teachings and writings of his ancestors marked by the Kabalah. There is no news about his direct contacts with the Fanti. However, the cover of the Triumph of Fortune immediately drew my attention because here the similarities with the code Vaticinia of Nostradamus, are evident.

    It 's impossible not to notice the similarity between the two images. In 1526 Nostradamus was 23 years old and had not yet been published his Centuries. The manuscript of 1600, the Vaticinia, is not well known when it was composed, and we do not exactly know when the seer has designed the pictorial tables attributable to him. But it is clear that the Fanti actually inspired the Duke as it may have inspired him the manuscript of Joachim of Fiore which was later transformed into Vaticinia. At the center of the images we see the wheel of time and fate that in Nostradamus also appears in the coat of arms and the stylization of the astrolabe, an instrument used to develop the mathematical algorithm of sorting the quatrains. In Fanti we have the true astrolabe that we find in other forms in the clock of the brick tower and the handheld from the old knees. The wheel is driven by an unknown hand to Nostradamus while in the Fanti is a struggle between Virtus and Voluptas, Good and Evil. On the globe it seems to hit an aged pontiff with vices to represent the Church. In Nostradamus, instead of the angel and the demon of Virtus and Voluptas, we have the peacock or phoenix that represents the resurrection and the black cock at the same time is both the symbol of the nation of France, but also the devil (blacks cocks were used in satanic rites). The wheel rests on the shoulders of a commoner while in the Fanti, the globe is supported by a weary Atlas. To the left in the Fanti a naked man holds up a dice showing the number 6, number of the antichrist. In Nostradamus a Christian soldier is caught between the coils of a snake. Then we have the city, the water and the boats that ply to   symbolize the passing of time and the fates plus other symbols easy enough to recognize. Among these, it is interesting to see how in Fanti the zodiac sign more emphasized on the globe-astrolabe is the one of Gemini in the same way as is done in the cover of the first edition of the Centuries, where in front of the seer of Salon appears just the sign of Gemini. The Ramotti believed that the greatest interpreters of Nostradamus belong to this sign.

    It 's possible that in Triumph are contained other similar images that can be traced back to Nostradamus, but for now we can not say anything. What you can argue is that Nostradamus was in any way inspired by the work of Fanti for both designs, and for the preparation of the Centuries. However it was also typical of the '500 write historical epics in verse and for more in quatrains as happened in 1527 to describe the first occupation of Rome.
    Personally I prefer to remain semper fidelis to the Duke of times because it is not yet completed the journey that leads to grant him the right honor for the work he composed. We need to do it in humility and without too many well-sensing proclamations, as mentioned at the beginning of the blog, because each of us can be part of the job; the wave passes through the events making us witnesses of the unveiling of the prophecies.
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    Iwant to propose an interesting update based on a similarity between a graphic of the Tablets of the pictorial manuscript Vaticinia Nostradami and what appears by observing a normal world map.
    The Pictorial Table in question is number 70 (68) certainly attributable to the Duke of Times due to the presence of the wheel of time, his coat of arms.

    In the table in question we see the sign of Cancer, a spiral galaxy and a belt of stars. Top three moons and a human face that appears in a solar disc or maybe the moon.
    A first assignment saw in his face a symbol of man on the moon. A second question is related to the spiral galaxy. How did the seer know about the existence of this type of cosmic formations? The galaxy is designed by combining the "arms" that represent the symbol of Cancer. But the way they are combined suggests that the seer has really wanted to use that symbol to represent a galaxy. That particular design would be interpreted only by men of our time, while his contemporaries had a strange representation of the symbol of Cancer. Beyond the Galaxy we have a band of stars that is reminiscent of "bands" of plasma that can be found both inside and outside of our galaxy and where according to some astronomers come the comets. The significance of this table seems therefore to be astronomical - astrological and perhaps indicate an event of this kind.
    We can also hypothesize that it may be a reference to the Warning of Garabandal that appears to be linked to an astronomical phenomenon that begins with the letter "A" and that we have identified with Aurora Borealis. Or an electrical storm, caused by a powerful solar flare which can be caused by the passage of a particularly electrically charged comet close to the sun. This Aurora would be able to produce not only earthquakes and climatic upheavals to our planet, but also draw a large cross in the sky and produce "extra-sensory" phenomena because of the powerful electromagnetic interaction with the body.
    But as I said before I intend to propose an interesting correlation, this time graphics. And the argument of reference is the invasion of Europe by Russia.
    This Pictorial table had already been linked with a quatrain relevant to this topic.
    From Ramo VI of 2000 "End of the Tribulation, the Time of Peace"
    Mars et le scepter if trouuera conioinct,
    Dessoubs cancer calamiteuse guerre:
    Un peu apres sera nouueau roy oingt,
    Qui par long temps pacifiera la terre.
    Mars and the scepter will be joint
    Under Cancer calamitous war will be:
    A little later a new king will be anointed
    That for a long time will pacify the Earth.
    This quatrain connects to the month of July (Cancer) the beginning of a calamitous war. Shortly after that will arise the new monarch to pacify the world. The proposal is astronomical conjunction of Mars and the scepter that is represented by a planet like Jupiter (astrological symbol of lightning), Uranus (astrological symbol of a rod shaped H) and Neptune (astrological symbol of the trident). Joints of this type, are the following:
    ·         July 2013 (Mars-Jupiter)
    ·         July 2024 (Mars-Uranus)
    ·         July 2026 (Mars-Uranus)
    ·         End of June 2028 (Mars-Uranus)
    If the cancer does seem to indicate the month of July, the planets can also identify nations or people.
    A Swedish mystic named Anton Johansson who lived in the nineteenth and early twentieth century has predicted the start of World War III just for the month of July, according to the Nostradamus quatrain.
    Therefore here is the proposal of graphic correlation. Look at the following map of the world, especially the "design" of Russia and Europe and compare it with the Pictorial Table 70 (68):

    For clarity we try to cut out (roughly, sorry) the area of ​​our interest ...

    And here you see the "Russian Crab" that "embraces" Europe with the end of the Atlantic Ocean behind. Note not only the similarity with the claws, which portray two of the areas of origin of the invasion, Scandinavia and the Middle East, but also the "body" and the "tail" of the "Crab". As well as the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds Europe like the belt of the Nostradamus’s picture.
    A "coincidence" that confirms once more the next course of events.
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    When we spoke about Table 54 (52) and the image shown, the deer, we wrote the following:
    Deer with lily. The deer represents Christ, but as mentioned above is also a symbol of Andean South America. The lily can call the flower of nard the coat of arms of Pope Bergoglio or a power that is still to come: the Great Monarch.
    The image is definitely located, from a chronological point of view, in the new millennium and is not to be excluded that there might be a reference to a specific quatrain of the same time.
    But curiously there is another deer very similar to ours and is located in the atrium of the Vatican Museums in Rome. The statue is 2000 years old, from Roman times, was found in the nineteenth century (200 years after the code of vaticinia), has recently been restored and placed in the Museum in early 2011 by then visible to the public. L'Osservatore Romano described it this way in an article of August 2011:
    "A deer in gray marble of anatolia (blackish), life-size, of more than twenty centuries old, depicted in a very realistic. It’s in the rest position, the left leg slightly raised and resting on a small boulder, the face turned to the right in the act of Bugling. "
    I must say, very similar, given the fact that other statues of this type does not really exist. Here are the pictures nearby:

    Note that both seem to be posing on a pedestal and that if the original deer of the Vatican Museums has a column located under the belly the deer of Nostradamus has a heraldic lily whose symbolic references we have tried to formulate. As a bookmark to Table 54 (52) sets the time to 2011. It’s therefore in these years that we will see it "passing away."

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    The coded messages of Nostradamus

    Pictorial Table 73 (71)

    The tables that follow the present, 73 (71), are all tables of Nostradamus and as far as I'm concerned, it would be difficult to interpret them. To start I decided to use this one ... who is the man at the center of the scene? But of course ... he's the Duke of Times J . Around him the different trees with their prophetic rameaux ... holding a necklace with seven pearls (indicating the "translators”?)
    Pictorial Table 67 (65)

    A dark king with hairy tentacles reading a book, the prophetic Centuries of Nostradamus, where it appears a large tree. And that's the tree of prophecy. But who is the hairy REX? It occurs to me that in Latin the walnut tree can be said Nuceus. And then the Rex Nuceus can be the translator Renucio Boscolo (Boscolo = forest trees). More, under the REX the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. Visible the wheel of time at the top.
    Pictorial Table 68 (66)

    Again a tree above the prophecies with a strange object ... a twisted arm holding a sword. Appear below the signs of Aries and Scorpio (I think).
    Pictorial Table 69 (67)

    In this table seem to appear only astrological symbols. Crescent moon, Sagittarius, Virgo, Capricorn (or Taurus) and Libra.
    Pictorial Table 70 (68)

    Table very attractive. At the center seems to highlight the man on the moon. At the bottom the sign of Cancer with what to all intents and purposes seems to be a spiral galaxy with a belt of stars (plasma)  around it. How did the seer of Salon in the sixteenth century, to know about the shape of galaxies? We can not exclude that galaxy and belt at the same time symbolize the sign of Aquarius.
    There’s also a different explanation of the table and we’ll see it in a new chapter.
    Pictorial Table 71 (69)

    Another interesting table. An old man (Nostradamus or interpreter) is holding a book and seems to want to have it read to the viewer. What secret is treasured? At the bottom of the picture faces of three women. Maybe it will be a woman who wil discover something very important on the Nostradamus work. At the top right, hanging on the cloth, a symbol that appears to contain the letters U, O, A, or maybe it's a composite symbol.
    Pictorial Table 72 (70)

    Very important table where you see the seer of Salon that invites readers to read his work. On the front wee see the spatial coordinates (and temporal?) X, y, z. The ribbons swaying like waves or storms sinusoids as in all the other tables. Above, the wheel of time is without rays, so do not turn. It’s time zero. Inside the wheel there seems to be a star. At the bottom two women look a deer (or Capricorn) that is also a symbol of the goddess Diana. What is the Duke trying to tell us?
    The only signs of the zodiac that are not well designed are Gemini and Leo.
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    The New Time
    Pictorial Table 82 (80)

    Three women, one pregnant. Humanity is waiting for a better time.
    Pictorial Table 74 (72)

    Follows the previous table: woman in labor assisted by others. For some, the woman is aborting, but I am not inclined on it. I do not think the board wants to point out the spirit of the times with the clash of ethics on abortion, but the painful birth of a better time after the wars, revolutions and persecutions. The image is typical of Christian religious symbolism.
    Pictorial Table 81 (79)

    Earth undressed, unkempt, as if struck by a storm. The men back to work, with simplicity. Yet the dream of Don Bosco already mentioned: << cities, countries, campaigns were much diminished of population; the earth was pounding like a hurricane, by pouring rain and hail, and the people went towards the other with agitated mind saying “Est Deus in Israel”.
    Pictorial Table 78 (76)

    Religious Christians of various denominations come together ... the Church is moving back to unification.
     Pictorial Table 80 (78)

    A teacher with black robe teaches seated in a simple bench. Students also perhaps religious, listen carefully. The colors of the clothes seem to recall in this case different Christian denominations. Another example of a united Church.
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    The Prophecy of Fatima

    Pictorial Table 44 (42)

    In this admirable Pictorial Table wee see representation of Mary. She is at the same time, from right to left, the "All Holy" Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Church (Priestess) and Queen of the Apostles and the world. The twentieth century, even more than the nineteenth century will be the century of Mary with numerous appearances around the globe. Pius XII with the dogma of the Assumption is the last pope to have solemnly and infallibly proclaimed her special Holiness. But will be the subsequent popes, starting with the last three of the twentieth century, John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II to deal with the majority of modern apparitions, especially those of Fatima, whose third secret could be revealed since 1960. But the popes chose not to do so ... until the Jubilee of 2000. And the third secret, as we have seen in the article on the resignation of Benedict XVI, is now in its full implementation phase.
    Pictorial boards 53 (51) & 61 (59)

    Very important double table. The third secret of Fatima, revealed in 2000 ... here is his description:
    << And we saw in an immense light that is God: 'something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it' a Bishop dressed in White 'we had the impression that it was the Holy Father. " Other Bishops, Priests, religious men and women going up a steep mountain, on top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; [...] came to the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he (the pope) was killed by a group of soldiers who fired several rounds of gunfire and arrows >>
    In the article on the resignation of Benedict XVI I have already described how the vision has a symbolic purpose, that marks the time of the event. The bishop dressed in white, of which one has the impression that it is the Holy Father (because doubt? Many other bishops wear white?) Is the emeritus pope. And he's him who begins to climb the mountain, but at the top of the mountain will be probably someone else: Pope Francis. The Passion Mount is the Mount of Golgotha, which means Skull. From the top of Mount billowing smoke (firearms), there is a crutch (the effort of the climb) which is reproduced as Moses' rod (Israel?). And then the crescent moon on the skull (perhaps the identification of those who will shoot to the pope). The image on the right shows the cross of cork and raw logs seen in the vision with arrows.

    Pictorial Table 55 (53)

    Ampoule with a rod-shaped lily and three points at the opposite end. The scepter appears to rely on the coat of arms of Pope Francis, with 3 nails of the symbol of the Jesuits and the flower of nard S. Joseph, who in many representations is depicted as a lily or an almond blossom. In the Fatima vision the angels who stand near the cross take the blood of the martyrs to pour it back for the sake of the world.

    Pictorial Table 60 (58)

    A simple golden crown imposes its power, a Triumphant Immaculate Heart dominates the scene surrounded by the royal lilies of France. A peaceful turtle slowly stands ... the world is renewed under the sign of the Great Monarch. But before that happens many things have to come ...
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    The last crisis of the Church
    Pictorial Table 56 (54)

    Chalice with lily, snake swallows or releases three seeds. Probably follows the assignment of Table 55 we’ll see in the next chapter.
    Pictorial Table 54 (52)

    Deer with lily. The deer represents Christ, but as mentioned above is also a symbol of Andean South America. The lily can call the flower of nard in the coat of arms of Pope Bergoglio or a power that is still to come: the Great Monarch. The same Deer at the Vatican Museum in Rome
    Pictorial Table 54 (52)

    A column seems to fall, with foot snake that threatens the heel. The column can represent the Church, with the Colonnade of S. Peter. The column that falls is the Church that falls under the weight of internal and external attacks. We are in fact in the long-anticipated of the Tribulation. The snake that threatens the heel recalls Genesis 3:15 where God curses the serpent:   << I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between your seed and her seed: it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel> >.
    The snake will not win because the Church is under the special protection of Mary, who will crush his head.
    But the crisis of the Church also recalls the passage of John 13:18: << I speak not of you all: I know whom I have chosen: but that the scripture be fulfilled: He that eateth bread with me hath lifted up against me his heel >> where Jesus, referring to Judas the traitor, recalls Psalm 40,10: << Even the friend in whom I trusted, he who ate my bread, has lifted up his heel against me >>. It is not excluded that in these biblical quotations also hides the correct interpretation of Table 56 (54). The betrayal of many men of the Church to the mundane, to quote Pope Francis, will lead to apostasy and tribulation.
    Pictorial Table 64 (62)

    The divine enemies fight in the sky.
    Pictorial Table 58 (56)

    A dark Griffon, with snake-shaped body, grab a pastoral or maybe a sword. A radiant sun shines in the sky. Perhaps the heraldic sun in the coat of arms of Pope Francis.
    Pictorial Table 75 (73)

    A Benedictine hermit, dressed in old-fashioned way, followed by a young monk, reaches out as if to say something. A bag is attached to the waist and a little demon hovers above him. Benedict XVI has had to face, in addition to the scandals of pedophilia, to the ecclesiastical careerism that is the epicenter of the Vatican Bank IOR, just as in the days of his predecessor John Paul II. Certainly one of the few trusted men of his circle was the young personal secretary Monsignor Gaenswein. Another Benedictine hermit, with the bag on the belt, is very similar to that of our Pictorial Table. His name was Pietro da Morrone (pictured below), who became Pope Celestine V, who worked the great refusal. Honored by Pope Ratzinger in his last trip to L'Aquila shortly before repeating the exploits over seven hundred years later. Note the presence of the bear on the right that recalls the coat of arms of Pope Benedict XVI and the bird in the sky that draws the little devil.

    Pictorial Table 79 (77)

    Tragic image. The clergy and the people are blown to pieces in the streets by other commoners. The pope with other prelates away from the city, Rome, while an army comes to the rescue. The painting recalls the prophetic dream of Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto, St. Pius X. But as we know visions and prophecies always have a double meaning, literal and symbolic, material and spiritual. Another prophetic dream of a great Italian saint, San Giovanni Melchiorre Bosco is as follows (note the name of the second equality of the two saints): May 24-June 24 1874
    It was a dark night, the men could no longer discern which was the way to keep up to return to their feet when he appeared in the sky a resplendent light that lit up the steps of the travelers like the noonday. At that moment, was seen a multitude of men, women, old, children, monks, nuns and priests, headed by the Pope, the Vatican siding out in the form of procession.
    But here is a furious storm; somewhat obscuring the light like a battle between light and darkness. Meanwhile, it came to a little square covered with dead and wounded, including several wondered aloud comfort.
    The ranks of the procession thinned out much. After walking for a space that corresponds to two hundred raised sunny, everyone realized that they were no longer in Rome. The dismay invaded the mind of everyone, and everyone gathered to the Pope in order to protect the person and assist him in his needs.
    Since that time were seen two angels, carrying a banner, the lead went to the Pope saying, "Receive the banner of the One who fights and scatters the strongest people on earth. Your enemies are gone, and thy sons with tears and sighs call on your return. " Then bringing the look on the standard was written on one side: "Regina sine labe concepta" and on the other: "Auxilium cristianorum."
    The Pope took with joy the banner, but beholding the small number of those who were around him became afflicted. The two angels they added, 'Go rather to comfort your children. Write your brothers dispersed in various parts of the world, that reform is needed in the customs and in men. This can not be achieved unless the people breaking the bread of the Divine word. Catechize children, preach detachment from the things of the earth. And 'The time has come, said the two angels, who will evangelize the peoples of nations. The Levites will be sought among the hoe, spade and hammer, so be fulfilled the words of David: "God has raised the poor from the earth to place on the throne of the princes of his people."
    Hearing this, the Pope moved, and the ranks of the procession began to swell. When he set foot in the Holy City began to cry for the desolation in which they were citizens, many of whom were no longer. He returned later in St. Peter intoned the Te Deum, which was answered by a chorus of angels singing "Gloria in Excelsis Deo, et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis." After the song, he stopped at every darkness and manifested a refulgent sun.
    The cities, towns, campaigns were much diminished population of the earth was pounding like a hurricane, by pouring rain and hail, and the people were going at each other with agitated mind saying Est Deus in Israel.
    From the commencement of exile to the singing of the Te Deum, the sun rose two hundred times. All the time we passed about to take those things correspond to four raised from the sun.
    Which pope was talking about? We have already seen that the beginning of this phase of history, that of the End Times and the Tribulation, the dream of S. Pius X and the vision of Fatima, the apparitions of Garabandal and S. John Bosco, coincides with the resignation of Benedict XVI. Therefore the pope in question might just be Francis. Don Bosco says, "Catechize children, preach detachment from the things of the earth. And 'The time has come, said the two angels, who will evangelize the peoples of nations. The Levites will be sought among the hoe, spade and hammer, to be fulfilled the words of David: "God has raised the poor from the earth to place on the throne of the princes of his people." They seem spoken by Pope Francis. A 'final curiosity: St. John Bosco was born in Castelnuovo d'Asti. Even the grandfather of the present Pope comes from near the same places today renamed Castelnuovo Don Bosco.
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    War between East & West
    Pictorial Table 48 (46)

    Image depicting the clash between the Islamic crescent moon and the West. Green is the color of Islam par excellence, many national flags have precisely that color. The bull in the classical myth recalls the abduction of Europa by Zeus, who just turned into a bull. And it's one of the recognized symbols of the European Union. But it also represents an idealistic clash between the Bull of the Stock Exchanges of American capitalism and the Islamic Revolution.
    Pictorial Table 51 (49)

    With Plate 48 begin a series of paintings that evoke the clash between East and West that leave many open spaces for future events. We publish them for the spirit of anticipation that contain, well knowing that they can refer generically to the (recent) past, the present or the future. In the picture a snake with a bearded man's head between crescent moon and star with sword pointed at. Ears of wheat and a large sun shining. The crescent moon and star represent the East and the West in battle. The Sun can refer to John Paul II and his pontificate but also to that of Pope Francis (sun in the emblem). The corn ears resemble the flower of nard of his coat of arms as well as the 8-pointed star. For the latter, however, the interpretation prevails with the stars of the U.S. or the star (Wind Rose) of NATO. Modern times of this clash dates back to the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979 during the pontificate of John Paul II and continue to this day.

    Pictorial Table 59 (57)

    Another picture showing a woman stripped above a crescent moon and a star or sun. The clash between East and West will strip Europe and the Church.
    Pictorial boards 46 (44) & 50 (48)

    Suggestive images that show a stone tower before welding and then on fire and in ruins. The collapse of the Twin Towers in 2001 is well included in the body clash between East and West.
     Pictorial Table 60 (58)

    This table was certainly an inspiration to the seer of Salon for one of his quatrains that illustrates the sequence of characters that will be the protagonists of the three global conflagrations. The symbols above are archaic representations of Greek letters: kappa, theta, lambda. The first for Kaiser of World War I, the second for the Tyrants of World War II and the third for the Lunar (East) for World War III. This interpretation is of Ottavio ​​Cesare Ramotti and supported by me. Below we see an overturned goblet that recalls the letter "omega" upside down and in my opinion represents the Church (Alpha & Omega) and the Tribulation that will have to deal with, but from the spilled cup comes out of a flower, a lily, the seed of rebirth and hope. Below we still see an eagle, imperial symbol par excellence, who bends his head in a bow and brings an olive branch in its beak. The predicted Great Monarch (Lily), recovered the throne of France, pacifies the world.
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    The pontificates of ‘900

    Pictorial Table 35 (33) 


    Picture extremely evocative and rich with symbols: is the first among those completely attributed to Nostradamus due to the presence of the Wheel of Time (his coat of arms), driven by a mechanism moved by an anonymous hand in the upper left. On the background where appear towns and castles we see, through the wheel, the sea with the waves of time over which sail boats of human affairs. Above the wheel an hourglass, which measures the time, held with the paw of a peacock, a symbol of rebirth (for the ancient identifies the phoenix) whose life cycle (prophetic cycle) lasts 500 years. It renews the century (900) and new events are on the horizon. The wheel rests on the shoulders of a commoner, the proletariat exploited and then abandoned by Communism. The rooster is a symbol of France, the Pope Leo leash a dog and is held by the tail by a soldier. A snake wraps its coils against another soldier who bears the symbol of the cross. An eagle with tiara and a round on the ground. These images seem to evoke the events of the early twentieth century with the revolutions in Russia, Italy, Germany, that Nostradamus in quatrains describe as the rise of the three brothers Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler. We also see the overlapping of symbols that represent nations that will then be involved in the two world wars. Also visible elements of the coats of arms of Pope Benedict XV (World War I) and Pius XI (Fascism and Nazism), eagle and round.
    A special mention deserves the peacock. For the ancients, the phoenix, the mythical bird that rises from its ashes, had the appearance of the peacock, bird equally exotic. The phoenix do not exist in nature, so the peacock was chosen because of its particular tail that, once opened, took the form of a wheel. And the wheel of time is the coat of arms chosen by Nostradamus. The life cycle of the phoenix last 500 years and it is the time cycle of the work of the prophetic seer: from 1555 date of first publication of the Centuries to 2055 more or less. However, I believe that the last twenty five years are only sketched with few quatrains and the conclusion of his work is left opened to the occurrence of events.

    Pictorial Table 39 (37)

    With this table begin to appear the symbols that go on to describe the popes of the post-war period and the second half of the twentieth century: Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I and John Paul II. In Table 39 (37) a rampant lion with cross and sword defends the flock, out of His mouth come three lilies. To the right of a dove with rays of the Holy Spirit on the chalice. This symbol represents the coat of arms of Pope Pius XII, the lion the one of John XXIII and the three lilies are those of his successor Paul VI. The lion defending the flock will be the one who will start the Pastoral Council Vatican II.

      Pictorial boards 40 (38) & 43 (41)


    These tables go hand in hand with each other as highlight the new balance of power in the world with the handover from the British Unicorn to the American one. The unicorn is a typical Anglo-Saxon symbol, as we have seen for the tables of popes. The rampant crowned unicorn is the rising world power, the United States of America, while the other one is the power that leaves, Great Britain (England), with the Sun, that in the quatrains of the twentieth century deals with the West and describes the clash with the East, (Venus is the East).

    Pictorial Table 42 (40)

    The image shows the symbols of the popes of the council: the lion with a raised paw of John XXIII and the mountains of arms of Pope Montini, Pope Paul VI. The lion's paw raised as that of S. Marco in Venice where Roncalli was Patriarch, but there is not the gospel under the paw. In fact John XXIII opened the council, but he will not close it. The task will be up to his successor Paul VI.

    Pictorial Table 49 (47)

     Mountains of arms with flowers, symbol of the coat of arms of Paul VI. But the mountains also appear in the coat of arms of John Paul I.
    From now on I will not go in sequential order, but I will try to group the Pictorial tables for affinity of argument that, as a result, give you an idea of ​​the time in which to put them. Obviously, the analysis will be generic, but enough to give a "plus esclarci" of future times, always according to the intention of the seer and in agreement with the various propheti sources. Later we will match the tables with some quatrains to emphasize the direct correspondence and support the argument that the Vaticinia Nostradami is probably the source of inspiration of the Centuries.
    Pictorial Table 66 (64)

    Second image of Nostradamus, with the wheel of time at the top. Summary of the popes of the late twentieth century: the lion with the typical red hat used by John XXIII, the mountains of arms of Paul VI, John Paul I for the star and in the center of the picture a large sun looms. The De Labore Solis, John Paul II. Nostradamus uses the same symbols to identify these popes, we have seen in Table Pictorial of John XXIII, the 37 (35).

     Pictorial Table 51 (49)

    As mentioned in the note to Table 24 (22) here is the Rose in hand under a papal tiara. It is the symbol of French socialism that will triumph in the elections of the Spring of 1981 with Mitterrand and which will take place immediately prior to the attempt on John Paul II. Note the great similarity of the pictures as the arm that holds the rose is inclined in the same way of the writing “Socialist Party”.
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    French Revolution & the Fall of Rome
    Here begins the publication of Pictorial Boards of Vaticinia Nostradami not representing the person of the popes, but a series of symbols, places and people that refer to major events that have marked the life of the Church from the seventeenth century to the present and beyond until the end of the prophecy. We can list these events so: the French Revolution, Fall of Rome, the pontificates of ‘900, war between East and West, the last crisis of the Church, the prophecy of Fatima, the New Time, the coded messages of Nostradamus.
    In this first part we will begin with the French Revolution and the Fall of Rome.
    Pictorial Table 3 (1)
    St. Francis de Sales

    It 's the first Pictorial Table of Vaticinia Nostradami and depicts St. Francis de Sales, a Jesuit. And so the first religious of this manuscript belongs to the same order of the last pope of the same manuscript. The table illustrates the delivery of the Holy rule to religious men and women; next wee see a similar portrait. He was beatified by Pope Alexander VII therefore this figure can be placed after the 9 (7), which represents exactly the pontiff.
    Pictorial Table 18 (16)

    A monster in the shape of a dragon, with a human head and Phrygian cap, hit a sea of ​​flames. With the tail, impaled by a sword not visible, drag away the stars. Other stars present on the Moon and three-stars at the center of the painting. This satanic dragon reminiscent of the Dragon of the Apocalypse of St. John identifies the monster of the French Revolution (Phrygian cap). The three stars appear in the coats of arms of the three popes who lived through revolutionary violence: Clement XIV, Pius VI and Pius VII.


     Pictorial Table 23 (21)

    Again the French Revolution: a king and a priest with a sickle moved by an impersonal hand. The Revolution shots the heads of nobles and clergy.
    Pictorial Table 24 (22)

    In the image immediately following the 23, yet the French Revolution. A monk with a scythe, red rose in hand, a B inverted similar to the mountains of arms and a leg. The B recalls the coat of arms of Pope Pius VII in the mountains of arms and the name, Barnabas. The Monk with the scythe and the rose in his hand is a very important temporal connection. By the Jacobins of the French Revolution (guillotine), the Bolsheviks of Communism (sickle). The rose in the hand is also the symbol of the French socialists. Shortly after the victory of Mitterrand in France, in Saint Peter's Square, will be seriously injured, in an assassination attempt, Pope John Paul II. Three different events that led to pain, suffering and persecution of the Church described in one table painting.
    Pictorial Table 27 (25)

    A city with walls and fortifications chock full of soldiers. Is about the capture of Rome.
    Pictorial Table 29 (27)

    Porta Pia, Rome has fallen and the Church loses the temporal power. Foreign hands over the city and to the right, always in the picture, you see the memorial column erected more than 200 years later (if we want to trace the painting in 1600, but could be much older) that is visible in the photo below the table. Anyone who has been the painter, well deserves the title of seer!
    Pictorial Table 30 (28)

    A naked monk with hand raised in blessing, typical of the popes, sitting on a bare stone, accompanied by a young cleric. The Church loses the temporal power, but may act more strongly on the spiritual side. Well we can say that Providence has freed the Church of a heavy burden. It 'a strong image that calls to mind the one of the Apocalypse of St. John with the woman arrayed in purple and all wealth that lies above a beast and then that comes stripped. The figure of the monk is reminiscent of the Table Pictorial 34 (32), where Pius IX is depicted as a monk giving up the tiara to a wolf king, the House of Savoy. 
    The last three images are to be placed with the Popes Gregory XVI and Pius IX, Tables 21 (19) and 34 (32).
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    From the thirtieth to thirty-first Pope
    Benedict XVI
    Joseph Aloysius Ratzinger (2005 - 2013)
     De Gloria Olivae - The Glory of the Olive

    Duties: Tables 65 (63) and 62 (60). Why two tables? Difficult to answer, probably because we are in the time of passage of the storm occurred with the pontificate of John Paul II, and also for the particular meaning to be attributed to the pontificate of Pope Ratzinger tied to his resignation. For subsequent years to the Polish pope, the future therefore, it was necessary to mark more closely the events related to the history of a final phase of the Church. There are in fact among the painting (41) John Paul II and (62) (65) Benedict XVI many other pictorial tables which refer to the above passage times indicating events that are used to identify the time, like a bookmark, where the past gives way to the future. These two tables have been the basis for medieval painting of the table (22), attributed to Leo XII and the table (34) as revised, which we have already talked about the possibility of ambivalent attribute to Benedict XV or Pius IX. Yet the work of these two old vaticinia paintings (restored), the medieval, like the others that are placed at the beginning, they are placed near the end of the work to be the last pope of the series. Probably represent a call to the love of Benedict XVI to the recovery of the finest Catholic tradition manifested in the symbols and liturgical rites. The two images bring attention to the development of the papacy and its end occurred due to resignation. In image (65) we see the pope seated on a throne with a Teutonic eagle on the tiara, a unicorn rampant attacking his person and to the right of the pope a little page protected and cherished. The Teutonic eagle indicates the German nationality of Ratzinger, the unicorn is the aggression of the Anglo-Saxon liberal to the pope, on the scandal of pedophilia, which has upset the Church in recent years and of which the pope has been accused of complicity. The little page protected is the emblem of care and attention that Ratzinger has shown towards the child abuse problem, denouncing the severity and promoting zero tolerance. The worst attacks on pedophilia occurred in the United States of America, Ireland and from an alleged court of justice based in London. The second image shows instead a pope who gave the tiara to a king deer (this time recognizable compared to the revised Table 34). It is no coincidence that this has been attributed both to Benedict XV to Benedict XVI. The first assignment (which I have not yet collected) was a direct reference to Pope Ratzinger and his resignation. The Andean deer is the national symbol of Chile and its habitat extends in the Andes of Chile and especially in the territories of Argentina. The popes who give the tiara in the tables (31) (34) and (62), where (62) is double (31), have all the appearance of ascetic monks. And it is the only example in the manuscript. The reason is simple: if Pius IX refers to the loss of the temporal power of the Church and the return to a more strictly spiritual mission, the successors is a direct reference to the name of the popes chosen in honor of St. Benedict, the Monk for excellence , Patron of Europe (Ratzinger was also Archbishop of Monaco of Bavaria). Not only ... Benedict XVI is the first pope in centuries to have to voluntarily renounced the Petrine ministry and the only other similar case is that of Celestine V, who was indeed a Benedictine monk. In the picture there is certainly a reference to this historic appeal. And even in the prophecy of St. Malachy we see that the first in the list is the pope Celestine II which bears the name of the one of the great refusal, Celestine V, while the last prophetic motto, before the prophecy of Petrus Romanus, is de Gloria Olivae of Benedict XVI, the latest Pope of the great refusal.
    Finally, the Olive Tree of prophetic motto of S. Malachy is the symbol of the monks Olivetans, which are part of the Benedictine Order. In addition, Pope Ratzinger was born on Holy Saturday, Easter holidays, under the sign of the Olive.
    Jorge Mario Bergoglio (2013 -
    In persecutione extrema Romanae Ecclesiae Sanctae sedebit Petrus Romanus, here pascet oves in multis tribulationibus; transactis at issue, civitas septicollis diruetur, Judex et tremendus iudicabit populum suum. Finis. - During the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church will sit Pietro Romano, who will feed his flock among many tribulations; past them, the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge his people. Finish. 

    Duties: Tables 76 (74) and 77 (75) in the first table you see kings, priests, bishops, cardinals gathered around the figure of a monk which is based on a stick in his hand a crosier in the form of a cross of Lorraine or Benedictine (see above) and hands it to a pope who seems reluctant to accept it. In this image are described in the two conclaves of the new century, that of 2005 and that of 2013. In the first of these was elected Pope Benedict XVI and his "opponent" was Bergoglio. The latter, as from the chronicles, almost in tears begged his supporters to target votes to Ratzinger, who among other things was the candidate voted by the same Bergoglio. The Argentine cardinal did not want his name to be used to stop the application of the German cardinal. But we see that the image of the monk (Benedict), former archbishop of Monaco of Bavaria, who walks leaning on a stick, raises the pastoral Benedictine in the hands of his successor, a sign of continuity. The resignation of Benedict XVI have been given, by the admission of the same pope emeritus, to give strong leadership and firm to the Church.
    In the second image, which illustrates the difficulty that the Church will live in this period, we see the pope with a pastoral Benedictine before the people. The pastoral catches fire, books (sacred) are on the ground, along with two dice showing the number 6, the symbol of evil. The people show attitudes varied and confused: who turns his back, who seems disinterested, who seems to aspire to the pastoral (maybe women).
    To seal this part of the elaborate, for the last two images that propel us from the present to the future, the public followed four quatrains, enter in the present and future according to the ordering key discovered by Ottavio ​​Cesare Ramotti, and are due in my opinion to the current pontiff:
    From the Prologue of the first fifty years of 900 and 2000:
    The year 1609, Roman clergy
    At the beginning of the year will make election
    Taken by the Company of a gray and black
    That there ever was one (papacy) so difficult
    The year 1609 is a poetic artifice that transforms a code in a date that is required for the erection of quatrains, the 609. Francis was elected Pope on March 13, at the beginning of the year after the resignation of Benedict XVI took place in February. The Company with a capital C is a clear reference to the Company of Jesus, the order of arrival of Cardinal Bergoglio, as well as the black color, order identification. The gray, or dirt white, not white anymore, it's a reference to the pope who has resigned. Important to the last verse, because the original word used by the seer of Salon, which I translated as "difficult", it is "maling". In French, the word does not exist, so it is a construct of Nostradamus with a literal meaning and a hidden apparent. The words that exist are: malin - malignant - malingre. The meanings vary: wicked, wicked, crafty, cunning, clever, mischievous, complex, difficult, delicate. I chose the one that best suited the character in question and the time predicted by considering not only the quatrain, but the whole of the prophetic picture. But much more important is the hidden meaning; maling is a word built with the motto of Pope Bergoglio: Miserando Atque eLIGgeNdo. Taking the first letter of the first two Latin words and capital letters of the third we get the word Maling. Considering the huge variety of Episcopal mottos between the predecessors, the cardinals and bishops is not possible that it is a coincidence: the coincidences do not exist. The calculation of probabilities assures us of the correctness of the attribution. The quatrain is seen in this way:
    Code - 609 - the Roman Clergy
    At the beginning of the year will make election
    From a gray (Pope Emeritus) taken by the Company of a black (Jesuit)
    Never was there a (papacy) so hard, the Miserando Atque Eligendo.
    From the Prologue of the 900 and the first fifty years of 2000 immediately following the previous quatrain:
    In this world of hidden handmaiden born
    Twice raised by feral stories
    Within the enemy will be imprisoned
    Then conducted by Maling in Brussels.
    The hidden handmaid is a poetic license to indicate a nation. Tucked away in the distance, on the edge of the world ... Argentina's Bergoglio. The second verse is in the making, but the first story can be fatal appointment as pope. The third line indicates a possible aspect of tribulation or persecution and imprisonment. As was the case for example in the time of Napoleon, the Pope is likely to be taken away from Rome towards the central and northern Europe. However, Brussels is also home of the European Institutions and is not to be excluded that it intends to own a confrontation with secular and Masonic Europe which has its base in Brussels. Maling, originally from Ramotti, has been translated under the name of another Belgian city: Malins, but I always refers to the motto of the pope, to identify it.
    From the preface of the Third Millennium:
    Not in Spain, but the ancient France
    One who will be elected for the trembling ship
    Agreement will be made with the enemy,
    He who in his kingdom shall be cruel plague.
    In this quatrain with a pun too easy Nostradamus indicates the name of the pope. Not in Spain, but this name is from France and it is a short step to pass from France to Francis. In fact, the seer is even more precise: the name comes from the ancient France. The name Francis derives from the term "Franch" old-Germanic language that meant "free" and whose name he took the people of the Franks who formed the first nucleus of France ... The boat of the fisherman Peter is trembling because of the crisis winds that blow against the Church from without and from within.
    The last two lines may indicate events that concern the Church or events that affect other nations. There is talk of a deal with an enemy and cruel plague, or political crisis, social, economic, or religious.
    From the fourth branch (four out of six plus the foreword) of the Third Millennium:
    The great Prelate , a day after the his dream,
    Played the contrary the sense:
    From the Gascogne will come a monk,
    That will do elect the great prelate of Sens.
    I have already had occasion to comment this important quatrain at the time of the resignation of Pope Ratzinger and the election of Francis, so I will be brief. The first verse refers to the prophetic dream of St. Pope Pius X on one with the same name that would leave Rome walking on the corpses of the priests, took refuge in a safe place and hidden for some time where he would live in peace and die in cruel death. The second verse refers to the literal interpretation of the dream that is wrong. The pope with the same name Pius X (Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto) is Benedict XVI (Joseph Aloysius Ratzinger), who left Rome by the resignation. The corpses of the priests are the image of the filth in the Church drowned in the scandals that have gone under Pope Ratzinger. "De la Gascogne" (original language) is instead an anagram of Cas Gandol, Castel Gandolfo, the ex-pope's place of refuge at the time of the election of Pope Bergoglio. The Monk having the same name of S. Pius X is in fact the former archbishop of Monaco of Bavaria, Pope Benedict XVI, by S. Benedict monk. He will elect the great prelate of Sens, ancient episcopate of France, near Paris. But the great prelate of France is actually Francis. The quatrain is reinterpreted as follows:
    The day after the dream of the Great Prelate (Pope Pius X)
    It has been interpreted on the contrary sense,
    Will come a monk from Castel Gandolfo (Pope Benedict XVI)
    That will do elect the great prelate of Sens. (France - Francis)
    Of course there are many other quatrains that should be analyzed, and over time this will become even possible. The next elaborate on Vaticinia Nostradami will cover the missing Pictorial Tables that describe temporal events specific to certain pontificates.

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    From twenty fifth to thirtieth Pontiff
    Pius XII
    Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli (1939 - 1958)
    Pastor Angelicus - Angelic Shepherd

    Attribution: Table 36 (34) on the throne a pope crowned by two angels assisted with a religious woman and a holy one (Virgin Mary). The Latin motto of S. Malachy for Pius XII is perhaps the most famous of them all and precise enough to be fully recovered from the table painting. When he was still alive Pius XII was in fact appealed as a Pastor Angelicus, and it was he himself who said that the people of God at that time had no need of a pope politician, but of an angelic pastor. The naturalness of the award of the title and the great importance of the pontificate of Pius XII excludes the will to want to be credited using the Malachyan prophecy. During his pontificate was proclaimed what is currently the last Marian dogma of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven, body and soul.
    John XXIII
    Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (1958 - 1963)
    Pastor et Nauta - Shepherd and Sailor

    Attribution: Table 37 (35) on top of a tower, a great pope holds the keys and a pontifical ministry with three crosses. At his feet two lions holding flowers. In the upper right an angel with trumpet and pen announces a big event. Drawn on the tower the mountains of arms and a star. In the upper left a shining sun. Place it over the tower as the lion of Venice (before becoming pope was the Patriarch of Venice), along with two lions with flowers such as lilies in the arms, and with lily in place of the cross on the tiara, from right to left of the X keys, the chest X and III of the pastoral form the number XXIII. The angel announces the convening of the largest council in the history of the Church (in terms of numbers), the Second Vatican Council. On the tower and in the sky the symbols of the successors, who with John XXIII and Pius XII himself will form the popes of the late twentieth century: 1) Pius XII 2) John XXIII 3) Paul VI with the heraldic symbol of the mountains 4) John Paul I with the star symbol 5) John Paul II with the symbol of the sun. The motto of St. Malachy recalls the patriarchate of Venice where the pope was in fact Shepherd and Sailor in the lagoon.
    Paul VI
    Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini (1963 - 1978)
    Flos Florum - Flower of Flowers

    Attribution: Table 38 (36) Pope with the body of a dragon holding a sword with which pursues a bear. The pontificate of Paul VI was marked by the closure of the session of Vatican II which caused the schism of the traditionalists Lefebriani and the beginning of a series of  controverses reforms within the Church, especially in some Bishops. Many have talked about trying to protestantize the Catholic Church. Among the best known phrase: "We were waiting for the spring, and the storm is coming." He had to witness the kidnapping and murder by the Communist Red Brigades of his dear friend Aldo Moro, the Italian prime minister. His attempts at mediation failed and despair weakened him until his death. Had this to say in 1972 that the smoke of Satan seemed to have introduced right into the Vatican. Bear, animal symbol of Russia, represents the communist threat while the snake-shaped body is both a reference to the period of confusion and strife in the Church, and the symbol of Milan, the basilisk, the city where he was archbishop before becoming pope. Flower of Flowers of St. Malachy, floral Christian iconography, the lily is present in the coat of arms with the mountains.
    John Paul I
    Albino Luciani (1978 - 1978)
    De Medietate Lunae - The Crescent Moon

    Attribution: Table 47 (45) a pope is crowned by an angel in front of the cardinals. A king horse is waiting at his feet. John Paul I reigned for only 33 days, basically a phase of the moon, half-moon (St. Malachy's). He was the first pope to take two names and at his feet is waiting for a white horse king, one of the symbols of Poland: the successor to John Paul II. And he's the only other pope in addition to those named Pio to be assisted by angels, to report the pity for his untimely end. Another interpretation of the motto of St. Malachi was inspired by the name of Pope Albino Luciani. The moon reflects bright light in the sky, we would say “albino”. Albina Light - Albino Luciani.
    John Paul II
    Karol Josef Wojtyla (1978 - 2005)
    De Labore Solis - Eclipse of the Sun

    Attribution: Table 41 (39) a great pope holds a crosier with Madonna and Child, is holding a book with three coins, a halberd behind him. Above the tiara a rooster and a lily in his right shoulder. In the sky a bright sun, a horse along with a lion, while a small turkish warrior with scimitar attacks the pope. John Paul II was the first foreign pope in centuries, devoted to Mary so as to bring a big M in its coat of arms and we see it in the image of the Madonna in the ministry. Came under attack by a terrorist turkish in 1981. The horse is a symbol of Polish while the lion bites that is the danger to the aggression by the Soviet government to stifle the spirit of revolt and freedom encouraged by the Pope in his land that will lead to the collapse of communism. Published the new Catechism of the Catholic Church, but also begin the scandals of the Vatican Bank IOR (coins). The halberd is the weapon used by the Swiss Guards burst in the pontificate for the scandal related to the suicide of their commander. The sun recalls the prophetic motto of S. Malachy, who stresses the importance of the eclipse of the sun. In fact Wojtiwa Karol was born on the day when there was a partial eclipse of the sun and his funeral was celebrated on the day when there was another partial eclipse of the sun. The lily is part of the coat of arms of Krakow where he was archbishop before becoming pope. The rooster is in the Christian symbol of resurrection and new life and certainly John Paul II was a pope who was able to give the Church a new and vigorous revival ministry.
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    From the twentieth to twenty-fifth Pontiff
    Pius IX
    Giovanni Maria Mastai Ferretti (1846 - 1878)
    Crux de Cruce - Cross from the Cross

    Attribution: Table 34 (32), the pope gave the tiara to a wolf king. He holds a book, behind the veil of the sacred is torn by two angels, the temple has been violated. The pontificate of Pius IX was the longest in history, and also full of events. Marked by the end of the Papal States and the capture of Rome that became the capital of Italy. The pope lost temporal power, and finally gave the tiara to the king of Savoy (the wolf is a symbol of the House of Savoy). The veil is torn. Pius IX promulgated several documents (book in hand) among which we mention the Syllabus and especially the dogma of Infallibility sanctioned by Vatican Council I never completed because of the war. The new flag of Italy, which has Rome as its capital, sees the cross of Savoy coat of arms (shown above) to replace the papal cross, as mentioned by St. Malachy.
    Leo XIII
    Vincenzo Gioacchino Raffaele Luigi Pecci (1870 - 1903)
    Lumen in Coelo - Light in the Sky

    Attribution: Table 26 (24) the pope appears on a glade and behind him you can see the cypresses. A small bear (at least it seems) gets up in his figure. Leo XIII's long reign for 25 years and produced over 86 encyclicals, the most famous of which is the Rerum Novarum focused on the social doctrine of the Church and openness to social issues, particularly the work. Established the first diplomatic contacts with the United States and Russia future powers of the twentieth century and perhaps the bear was intended to refer to the early relations with Russia, a nation that just a few years after his death, will become for the Church a source of many problems. The cypress trees are the symbol of the coat of arms of the Pope. Even Carpineto Romano, the birthplace of the pope, has several trees in the coat of arms. The comet against the background of blue sky that you see in the emblem is the Light in the Sky of S. Malachy.
    St. Pius X
    Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto (1903 - 1914)
    Ignis Ardens - Burning Fire

    Attribution: Table 33 (31) Pope seated on the throne, two angels hold up the cloak or veil holy book in his hand. First pope to be sanctified several centuries after a predecessor with the same name, St. Pius V. Normally, as we shall see in this pictorial tables are angels for all the popes of this name from Pius IX, since the Church finally loses the temporal power. The book represents the "Catechism of St. Pius X," which remained in force until a short time ago, the veil can be a reference to the name of the pope, Tailor (Sarto). This is opposed to that of Pius IX with the torn veil because of the fall of Rome. The motto of St. Malachy is a call to holiness of this pontiff.
    Benedict XV
    Giacomo della Chiesa (1914 - 1922)
    Religio Depopulata - Religion Depopulated

    Attribution: Table 31 (29) the pope with the halo gave the tiara to the flock. This table pictorial can be easily exchanged with that concerning Pius IX, given the similarity of the subjects. The halo may in fact be attributed to Pope Pius IX beatified, but I preferred the current destination of choice for the disposal of the tiara. Pius IX gives it in fact before the invasion by a foreign power, the Savoy, well represented by the wolf-king. There is a reworking of the animal, in another table pictorial, in other editions, always at number 31, where appears in Vaticinia in place of the one which I attributed to Pius IX (top right), where the head of a king is similar to that of a king with his mustache in the style of the early twentieth century German Kaiser (this table is also present in this edition, but moved very far forward as is also present in the other edition with the same number as if it were almost duplicate). Which might make you think of Benedict XV who gave the tiara to the power of the Reich and the events of the First World War. But like I said I prefer to stick to another interpretation. The halo is a reference to the papal name that derives from St. Benedict, patron saint of Europe and a maximum weight of the Church, and the last name of the pope that calls the Church (della Chiesa). Pope Benedict XV was pope in a period full of trouble where death could cause millions and millions of victims in Christian Europe and on the faithful Catholics by the epidemic of Spanish and for the World War I (Religio Depopulata). He tried by all means to protect his flock, raising his voice against the "senseless slaughter". Less than a century later (99 years later), another Benedict will lay the tiara at the foot of the flock. But this time, in the table assignment, you will see the king with his mustache (or perhaps a king deer).
    Pius XI
    Ambrogio Damiano Achille Ratti (1922 - 1939)
    Fides Intrepida - Fearless Faith

    Attribution: Table 32 (30) the pope is blessed by an angel. Another Pio is associated with an angelic figure, his reign witnessed the rise to power of all three totalitarian ideologies of the early twentieth century, Communism, Fascism and Nazism. Famous in particular its anathemas against Communists and Nazis, at the risk of the direct consequences that could result in the safety of the Church, but dictated by Fides Intrepida of this pontiff.
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    From the sixteenth to twentieth Pontiff
    Pius VI
    Giovanni Angelo Braschi (1775 - 1799)
    Apostolicus peregrinus - Apostolic Pilgrim


    Attribution: Table 17 (15) where we see a pope who wields a pastoral cross-shaped facing downwards to symbolize a sword, a decapitated head of lamb, a rooster and a snake at his feet attached to the left arm that holds the Pontiff keys. The pontificate of Pius VI was characterized by attempts to reconstitute or reduce damage to the order of the Jesuits, from the French Revolution (rooster) and the Napoleonic period with attached persecution and massacres (snake). Pius VI undertook the historic journey voluntary (Apostolic Pilgrimage) in Vienna, Austria to deal with the distribution of powers between the Church and the laity. But undertook another, longer involuntary trip (Apostolic Pilgrim), when he was taken into exile by Napoleon's troops through Siena, Florence, Bologna, Turin, Susa, Briancon, Grenoble, Valence where he was imprisoned and dying in exile (lamb beheaded, typical execution of the revolutionaries in France).
    Pius VII
    Barnaba Niccolò Chiaramonti (1800 - 1823)
    Aquila Rapax - Eagle Raptor

    Attribution: Table 19 (17) where it appears a pontiff with crosier in the form of a lily with three petals (such as mountains or the stars or the heads of the coat of arms), candlesticks in the shape of inverted Cross of Lorraine (as in the coat of arms) , a French soldier with the shield lilies that he raises his sword against the Pope, but was stopped by a hand coming out from a sun star (stars in the coat of arms). Pius VII tried in vain to find an agreement with Napoleon, but eventually taken prisoner and taken to France with the Republic established in Rome, just like its predecessor. The motto of St. Malachy refers to the Raptor Eagle (Imperial) of Napoleon Bonaparte, but also to the written PAX present in the coat of arms of Pope (Aquila Ra-Pax). Pius VII, Benedictine, restored the order of the Jesuits (sun gets out from under the hand that stops the French soldier) as well as he would like the predecessor Pius VI and was eventually able to return to Rome acclaimed, safe and sound after the defeat of Napoleon . The ministry of lily refers to the continuity with Pius VI who had the lilies in his coat of arms.
    Leo XII
    Annibale Clemente della Genga Sermattei (1823 - 1829)
    Canis et Coluber -   Dog and Snake

    Attribution: Table 22 (20) where it appears a pope with an eagle on the tiara (though not seen) that protects a small woman to his right and is attacked by a unicorn on his left. The eagle is the symbol of the coat of arms of Leo XII, the unicorn is a symbol that represents the hostility of the Anglo-Saxon liberal movements organized in secret societies such as the Carbonari financed from England who was hard-fought by the pope. The Pope defends Church (small woman now stripped of almost all of the temporal power) against Freemasonry. On the chest X with the double fringe to highlight the XII. Leo XII in his entire career was a skilled diplomat from which the motto of St. Malachy faithful as a dog, smart and wise as a serpent.
    Pius VIII
    Francesco Saverio Castiglioni (1829 - 1830)
    Vir Religiosus - Religious Man

    Attribution: Table 28 (26), a pope with a book in hand, a wolf, a single key pontifical. Pius VIII reigned for a short time, it was basically open-minded, he published an encyclical in which only reaffirmed the supremacy of the papal teaching on Christianity (book in hand). The wolf (or fox) represents the political power lay dangerously looming on the ruins of the State of the Church which will cease to exist a few years later. There is only one key, that of spiritual power. The motto of St. Malachy, judged seemingly vague, in my opinion refers to the name of the pope, the same as one of the most important "modern" saints of the Church, St. Francis Xavier.
    Gregory XVI
    Bartolomeo Alberto Mauro Cappellari (1830 - 1846)
    De Balneis Ethruriae – From the thermal baths of Ethruria

    Attribution: Table 21 (19) After Pope Pius VIII, another pope that appears close to a pole with papal flag. These are the years of the attacks to the State of the Church, next invasion and defeat. The pope is holding a feather (pen?) and a book, probably the encyclical against slavery still present in South America, one of his most important acts. You can see a dove and a snake with curvy body. The dove takes the coat of arms as well as the sinuous body of the snake, from the bottom up, picks up the coat of arms of the comet with the sinuous tail also from the bottom up. The snake at the same time represents the new political and military attacks that leave the Church with the revolution of 1830. Gregory XVI was general of the order of the Camaldolese (Benedictine), who was born in Etruria, a land that the Romans called Balnea due to the presence of thermal waters, as indicated by S. Malachy.
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     From the eleventh to the fifteenth Pope
    Benedict XIII
    Pietro Francesco Orsini (1724 - 1730)
    Miles in Bello - Soldier in War

    Attribution: Table 15 (13). Benedict XIII, a Dominican, was the last Orsini to be elected pope. He tried to bring the Church, especially the Curia, in costumes morigerati. During his pontificate there were several wars of succession. He holds a palm leaf and at its foot a large crown with 5 crosses lilied just like in his coat of arms, which come from palm leaves. A wolf holding a sword to represent the wars of succession.
    Clement XII
    Lorenzo Corsini (1730 - 1740)
    Columna Excelsa – Exalted Column

    Attribution: Table 20 (18). Pontiff, which is surrounded by small bears, one of which is on the shoulders that seems to take the surname of the Florentine family of descendants, C-Orsini. Clement XII is remembered especially for the many monumental works and infrastructure with which potentiometer and embellished the Papal States. Several centuries later the Emperor Trajan, restored an outlet to sea in the East to Rome (Civitavecchia). Among the various works we should mention the Trevi Fountain (Column Exalted). Among the pronouncements of the first official condemnation of Freemasonry and the attempts of rapprochement, even fruitful, with the Orthodox Churches.
    Benedict XIV
    Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini (1740 - 1758)
    Rural Animal – Country Animal

    Attribution: Table 25. (23)   The historian Botta presented Benedict XIV in this manner: "  After Marcellus II, removed too early to Christianity, no pope had ascended the throne of Rome, which for ingenuity and prudence were to be compared with Lambertini. He found so that to keep the reasons, the best way is not to irritate opponents. He was pope as the century wanted. Disputes with Rome were no longer hostile, but discussions, and disbelief that unfortunately went snaking between generations, in the presence of a pope amiable and witty was stopped  » Man of great erudition, he maintained contact by letter with the characters more enlightened of his time, as sovereign as Francis I , Maria Theresa of Austria , Louis XV , Frederick II , John V of Portugal . In the table you see a king and a queen and a bull that rises toward the figure of the pope. As for the pope in the conclave Malachy said, "if you want to elect a donkey (animal country) then you elect me." The bull is the country animal in the pictorial prophecy.
    Clement XIII
    Carlo Rezzonico (1758 - 1769)
    Umbriae Rosa - Rose of Umbria

    Attribution: Table 6 (4). From the annual register of 1758 Clement XIII is described in this way: it was "the most honest man in the world, a clergyman exemplary by the purest values: devoted, balance, educated, diligent ..." His pontificate was invested by the rebellion of the parliaments   and governments of European Catholics, starting with the French parliament, in the presence of the Jesuits in their territories which in most cases were expelled. The pope to oppose requests for suppression of the Company accepted a consistory where to establish what to do, but on the eve of the appointed day he died, not without suspicion of poisoning. The picture shows a man of the people who rebels circling a cudgel against the figure of the pope. The pope was very close to Umbria and in the years when he reigned seems that there arose the religious order of the Rose of Umbria.
    Clement XIV
    Gian Vincenzo Antonio Ganganelli (1769 - 1774)
    Ursus Velox - Fast Bear

    Attribution: Table 16 (14). Pope seated on the throne with an angel who gives him the keys. In the hands of a palm tree, a sun behind him with five stars, to his right a peacock. Clement XIV is best remembered for being one of the few popes coming by the Franciscan order, which is the symbol of double arms in his coat of arms, and the decision taken after much political pressure from almost all kingdoms of Europe for the abolition of the Jesuit order. The angel is the place of birth: Sant'Arcangelo di Romagna. The sun is the symbol of the Jesuits with the six-pointed stars that reflect the coat of arms of the Pope. The peacock appears in the coats of arms of many noble families of Europe, in particular in Central Europe. On the head of peacock, three feathers that reflect the three nails in the symbol of the Jesuits. The peacock is often identified with the phoenix and both are symbols of immortality and resurrection. The Company of Jesus will in fact be reconstituted and readmitted to the Church just ahead. The coat of arms of the family Ganganelli included a bear paw grabbing an oak tree, from which the motto of St. Malachy.
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    From the Sixth to Tenth Pope 

    Blessed Innocent XI
    Benedetto Odescalchi (1676-1689)
    Bellua insatiabilis - Insatiable Beast

    Pope Innocent XI was  fervent and extremely active from a political point of view in an attempt to unite Christendom against the danger of the turkish. Indeed, it was thanks to the formation of the Holy League in 1683 before he could stop the Ottoman advance towards the city of Vienna.
    Attribution: Table 10 (8) where the dove stands for peace and assistance of the Holy Spirit and a double-headed dragon. Benedetto Odescalchi, coming from a family of wealthy bankers, was born in Como in the Grand Duchy of Milan in whose coat of arms appears crowned eagle over a monster serpent (or snake basilisk) that swallows a man. It 's the motto of the insatiable beast of S. Malachy.
    Alexander VIII
    Pietro Vito Ottoboni (1689 - 1691)
    Poenitentia Gloriosa - Glorious Penance

    Attribution: Table 8 (6) where we see a pope dressed in red typical color of the Easter celebrations, which evokes penance for the faithful. There’s a palm tree, plant of Easter, before which the Pope bows down to his knees. And he's the only pope in Vaticinia that appears on his knees in repentance and prayer. He was elected pope on the day of San Bruno, Holy Penance, and canonized St. John of God which  made penance and charity his flags. A flag appears behind him divided into three oblique stripes just like in his coat of arms. His election was brought about by the Sun King Louis XIV to mend the divisions that occurred during the pontificate of Innocent XI. In the pictorial table appears a large sun comes out from a benevolent hand. Despite the attempt of the King of France, the relationships were not good and at the end Alexander VIII condemned statements regarding the freedom of the Gallican church. Also condemned the so-called sin philosophical teaching in some Jesuit schools: a wolf bites the tiara.
    Innocent XII
    Antonio Pignatelli (1691 - 1700)
    Rastrum in Porta - The Rake at the Gate

    Attribution: Table 12 (10) where appears a pope holding a palm in his left hand and a dove with the right. A sword pierces a lamb and mutton halo appears to the left of a pope with the body of a snake (probably the predecessor of the same name Innocent XI). Innocent XII was a pious Pope that abolished nepotism and that was very close to the poor (dove). Pignatelli came from a noble family whose palace stood at the gates of Naples to the "door of the rake" from which the name of Antonio Pignatelli of The Rake, which confirms the motto of S. Malachy. The palm that the pope holds with the right hand is in the form of rake. The lamb mutton pierced appears in the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Naples, where the animal is hung (hanged almost) the heraldic shield as shown in the figure.
    Clement XI
    Giovanni Francesco Albani (1700 - 1721)
    Flores Circumdati - Surrounded by Flowers

    Attribution: Table 14 (12) where the upper left corner shows the Roman numeral XI only example of all the pictorial tables. Unfortunately, the image is blurred and confused but one can foresee a wolf's head and a kind of cock crowned. Holding a crosier in the form of a cross. The pontifical keys are attacked by a snake. Pope Clement XI was characterized by wars of succession and was defeated both militarily and politically that irreparably weakened the role of the papacy towards the peoples and rulers of Europe. The wolf represents the Habsburg power while the rooster that of Bourbon. The motto of Malachy refers to the heraldic shield framed by flowers as well as the original in the top right.
    Innocent XIII
    Michelangelo Conti (1721 - 1724)
    De Bona Religio - The Good Religion

    Attribution: Table 6 (4). The pontificate of Innocent XIII distinguished itself for the harsh struggles against heresies of Jansenism and Quietism, hence the motto of St. Malachy. Also escalated the confrontation with the Jesuit order for the Chinese rites, which was not completed due to the premature death of the pope. However it is believed that the battle was a prerequisite to the suppression of the order made a few decades later. In the image appears a pontiff  with crosier in the form of lily facing down an eagle perched at the foot of the pontiff symbol of the coat of arms of Pope Innocent XIII.
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    First five popes

    Urban VIII
    Maffeo Barberini (1623-1644)
    Lilium et Rosa - The Lily and the Rose


    Attribution: Table 4 (2) where you see a pope seated with dogs at his feet. With his left hand holding a plant that seems to be ears of corn with the right distributes food to dogs as 6/7 crumbs in the shape of a circle. Behind him a star with 8 stars in it. Pope Urban VIII was marked by political disputes related to the Thirty Years' War from which his pontificate came out weakened by scandals of the papal court and the papacy which granted both the clergy and the Roman people liberality of various kinds (food given to dogs), but especially from the dispute with Galileo Galilei which will provide the split between Fides et Ratio. The sun behind the pope contains the 8 celestial bodies known at the time: sun, moon, mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter and saturn. The 6/7 shooting crumbs round the coat of arms of the Medici Grand Duke of Tuscany from whose main city, Florence, was the Pope Barberini. The ears of wheat recall the flutter of bees coat of arms of the Barberini family, from which also the motto of St. Malachy: the lily and the rose where the bees love to pose.
    Innocent X
    Giovanni Battista Pamphili (1644-1655)
    Jucunditas Crucis - Playfulness of the Cross

    Atribuzione: Table 7 (5) Pope with the X symbol at center chest to indicate the number ten. Innocent X was elected on the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, from which the prophetic motto of S. Malachy. His pontificate is characterized by France's opposition to his policy and scandals at the papal court especially for nepotism and the power of "Pimpaccia." This was the name of Donna Olimpia Maidalchini wife of the deceased brother, who acquired power and prestige under Innocent X and which exerted its influence on the pontiff with a generous payment. According to the chronicles of the time, Pimpaccia was something more than sister in-law of the pope, but such evidence has never been found. Prominently displayed in the table is a snake, a symbol of confusion, and a woman dressed as a courtesan. The remains of the Pope are located in St. Agnes in Agony and the right of the pope, in the pictorial table, a Saint woman appears in a picture very similar to the mosaic of the Church of "St. Agnes Outside the Walls."
    Alexander VII
    Fabio Chigi (1655-1667)
    Montium Custos - Keeper of the Mountains

    Of the Chigi family, powerful Tuscan bankers, born in Siena, connects to the prophetic motto of S. Malachy, Keeper of the Mountains, the oldest Italian bank, Monte dei Paschi di Siena.
    He fought against the Jansenist heresy, but enhanced luxury, pomp and nepotism. He canonized Francis de Sales, who appears in the first table of Vaticinia Nostradami. It was strongly opposed by France, just like its predecessor, by the Cardinal Mazarin and lost in the dispute the jurisdiction of Avignon. Attribution: Table 9 (7) where you see the dove, symbol of Peter, the keys of Innocent X, of which he was Secretary of State and continued the policy. On the left, a rooster, a symbol of France, is opposed to the pastoral, a Franciscan cleric behind him reminds S. Francis de Sales, the crosier in the form of Trident reminiscent of Greek mythology and Greek origin is his name, the first Alexander of  Vaticinia Nostradami. The bird is impaled like the heresy.
    Clement IX
    Giulio Rospigliosi (1667-1669)
    Sydus Olorum – Star of Swans

    Clement IX reigned for a short time. We do not remember specific political events in the course of his pontificate, however, is remembered as a Pope of great faith, devotion and zeal. He moved at a young age from Pistoia, first in Rome and then in Pisa. Attribution: Table 11 (9) where the pope rides off from a city identified by a Romanesque cathedral, just as present in Pistoia.
    He was elected pope in the room of the Swans, as mentioned in the prophetic motto of S. Malachi.
    Clement X
    Emilio Altieri (1670-1676)
    De Flumine Magno - From Great River

    Attribution: Table 13 (11) where you can see the family crest of Altieri. On the day of his election the Tiber river was in flood. The conclave that elected him, however, was very long and Altieri's name was suggested as a compromise, given the advanced age (80 years old), to break the deadlock. The future pope tried several times to refuse the appointment, but finally had to surrender to the will of the Holy Spirit, in the image represented by the dove halo. The successor, Blessed Innocent XI, is marked by the the tiara crown, which is part of the heraldic symbol of the Odescalchi family (Crowned Eagle).
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  21. I "Vaticinia Nostradami"
    From wikipedia:
    "I vaticinia Michaeli Nostradami de Christi Future Vicars to Cesarem Filium (more briefly vaticinia of Nostradamus) are a series of images stored in a manuscript illustrated of the seventeenth century.
    It is a collection of 80 watercolor images , bound in the form of code , discovered in 1982 by journalist Enza Massa in the National Central Library of Rome (Fondo Vittorio Emanuele 307) and attributed to Nostradamus (Michel de Notre-Dame, 1503 - 1556 ) .
    In an original card of the Carthusian monks , attached to the manuscript, it is stated that the code was brought to Rome by his son, César de Notre-Dame , to be donated to Cardinal Maffeo Barberini, the future Pope Urban VIII (pontiff from 1623 to 1644).
    The origin of the images is to be found in vaticinia de Summis Pontificibus . [2] With some additions and variations performed by Nostradamus.
    The figures are a series of prophetic representations of events and people linked to the Catholic Church; some enthusiasts claim that relates to a period from the early decades of the seventeenth century until the early decades of the twenty-first century . "
    As far as I know I can say that a complete publication of the images of the code has never been performed. Only very partial reconstructions, the best of which by Ottavio Cesare Ramotti, are currently available. The same images, with some inaccuracies, can be found on the network, not without some difficulty. The similarities with other codes makes it the oldest manuscripts in some cases almost perfectly overlapping images of the same. What appears evident in vaticinia is the presence of "many hands" in their composition. Both pictorial hands, both ordinative hands. In our case, the last of these hands is certainly that of Michel de Notredame detectable by some special paintings in which appears the wheel of time, its heraldic symbol, and the letters accompanying the code. Michel, then, has used various types of painting and has "ordered" them, but not in properly time, to form a unique code that was to support, if not for inspiration, for writing his prophetic verses. Quatrains and Sixstains, in fact, once ordered in the Poem, are like a tree by the vast canopy where the trunk is represented by the events of Christ's Church, and the various branches face instead, over time, the related topics.
    It 's time to publish in its entirety, albeit with minor inaccuracies, the whole code of vaticinia Nostradami, starting from the list of tables that identify 32 popes that have occurred on the Chair of Peter to begin by Urban VIII, Cardinal Barberini, recipient of the code. The last of these popes is Francis, in strict compliance with other sources of prophecy already mentioned in previous articles. After the manuscript of the popes will also be published other tables that describe the use of other symbols referring both these popes that the main events related to the papacy.
    To support the analysis for the attribution of paintings to the recipients I used among other things, pontifical coats of arms and prophetic sayings of S. Malachy.
    And then ... as the curtains rise, let’s go on "novel trajectories" of the "Great Ruinous Circuit"!
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  22. The resignation of Benedict XVI
    Assumptions about the End Times
    Update March 26, 2013
    On March 13, 2013 was elected to the fifth ballot the successor of Pope Benedict XVI, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina, that has chosen for himself the name of Francis.
    The 13th is the day in the calendar that reminds the Marian apparitions of Fatima.
    The conclave began on the day of St. Gregory the Great.
    The enthronement took place on the day of St. Joseph. (Name of Benedict XVI and St. Pius X)
    In the days of the Conclave a comet has passed through the heavens in a manner visible in our hemisphere: the Pannstarrs. At the end of this year we will see particularly a much more bright comet, Ison (an anagram of Zion). The comets in the collective memory of humanity, always refer to the announcement of big and important events, not always intelligible at the time of their appearance. Add to that, the previous sign from heaven, with the fall of meteors in Russia, which in size and magnitude, was an event quite unique.
    The update applies in particular to the Nostradamus quatrain VI, 86. We talked about a French pope as the seer uses in its quatrains terms indicating names or symbols related to France. And once again succeeded, by artifice of hermetic to conceal the real meaning of his verses. It is therefore not a pope from France, but a pope named Francis. As everyone knows the name derives from the land of the Franks and the name Francesco, Françis, is very similar to the name of France.
    Therefore, the great prelate of Sens, it is not the great prelate who is from France, but the prelate whose name is Francis.
    Even the term Gascogne seems to find a new meaning. This region of France named after the people of the Vascones, who were Iberians (Iberia of Spain is a land where the conquistadors left for South America). The sentence in French "de la gascogne" in the quatrain (from Gascony or Gascogne), anagrammed, seems to contain the letters forming the word Castel Gandolfo, in particular, "Cas Gandol", current residence of the Pope Benedict XVI Emeritus, identified with the monk to the third verse. Bergoglio in the Conclave of 2005 was elector of the German Cardinal Ratzinger. It 's easy to assume that through its secretary, Monsignor Georg present at the beginning of the Conclave, has hinted that his former "contestant" was the right man to lead the Church. Therefore we can reread the quatrain as follows:
    The day after the dream of the Great Prelate (Pope Pius X)

    It has been interpreted on the contrary sense,

    That will happen to a monaco from Castel Gandolfo (Pope Benedict XVI)

    Will elect the great prelate of Sens. (France - Francis)
    Continuing in the update, we can say that Francis and Pope Benedict XVI are together in the great vision of the Third Secret of Fatima. The bishop dressed in white that we have identified in the Pope Emeritus marks the historical period of commencement of the events described in the vision. As noted many times next to the literal interpretation must always be the symbolic one. The religious procession through the city in ruins and the climbing of the mountain of the Passion, is the tribulation and persecution of the Church which takes place in the form "immaterial" as the rebellions to the magisterium and papal authority and in material form with the attacks on the Church, revolutions and wars themselves. Pope Francis seems to be the pope of martyrdom, which once reached the top of the mountain, will be killed by gunfire and arrows at the foot of the cross of wood.
    Let's review the three predictions we have already been considered for the part about the new pope:
    St. Malachy: During the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church will sit Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock among many tribulations; past them, the city of seven hills will fall and the dreadful Judge will judge his people. Amen.
    Nun of Dresden: Angel of Mercy, with the sign of the Martyrdom – Pope Francis
    Monk of padova: "will come to Rome from distant lands to meet the tribulation  and death "
    As said at the time of his election, he arrived "from the end of the world" on the throne of Peter and his task is to lead the Church in the tribulation and martyrdom.
    How then foretold by Our Lady at Garabandal, following the pontificate of Benedict XVI would begin a trial period that will culminate in all probability with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at Fatima predicted and a period of peace and regeneration of humanity.
    Rome, 26 March 2013 (twice 13 ... just a case)
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  23. The resignation of Benedict XVI
    Assumptions about the End Times
    One of the Nostradamus quatrains that has often aroused the interest of scholars of prophecies that deal with the Church and the Popes is number 86 of Centuria IV. It reads as follows:
    The great Prelate , a day after the his dream,
    Played the contrary the sense:
    From the Gascogne will come a monk,
    That will do elect the great prelate of Sens.
    It 'been repeatedly attributed to the election of a French pope, extremely important in the history of the Catholic prophecies, that will have the task of reforming the Church and the world, supported by a Great Monarch, also a French, and a descendant of St. Louis IX. The prophecy of a great ruler from France is actually very old and dates back to before the year 1000.
    This pontificate will obviously deal with serious problems and conflicts that will involve the whole of humanity.
    But who is the great prelate? A dream which we can refer? And the monk? And the prelate of Sens?
    The recent decision of Pope Benedict XVI to resign from the throne of Peter, opened a window reflection that has embraced past memories, interpretations and studies suffered from this mess, evoking a design that apparently it is now clear. I know all too well the risk you run when interpreting prophecies (of any type) to fail spectacularly, to build expectations then promptly broken. However all the elements, are now rapidly converging towards a single point, and this point of approach allows us to venture some hypotheses with greater conviction.
    One of the greatest interpreters of Nostradamus, Ottavio ​​Cesare Ramotti, argued that the dream of the great prelate was that of Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger of Paris, a jew converted to Catholicism, and according to the Ramotti, leading candidate to become the Big French Pope. In this dream, in 1995, the cardinal told that:
    Cardinal Lustiger is a trusted confidant of Pope John
    Paul II. When he visited the Pope for the first time, the secretary,
    Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz, grabbed his arm and said:
    "Remember that you are the result of the prayers of the Pope, the Pope
    prayed long and hard for this choice. " Required by TIME on the possibility to succeed, Lustiger said, "I? totally excluded. E 'out of the question." Silently, but nervously, Lustiger shoves his breviary in brown leather briefcase, then suddenly announces: "I had a dream. I dreamed that the U.S. president was a black skin, the president of the former Soviet Union a Muslim and the Pope, a Chinese. And in my dream I prayed to God to let me die before that day, because if ever we have a Chinese Pope "- shakes his fist and makes a gesture of screwing - "you know what government is!"

    Beyond any possible interpretation that can be given to the article of TIME Cardinal Lustiger has recently passed away and the dream (come true at least in part with the election of Obama as President of the U.S.) certainly does not seem to have a value so important. Maybe it refers to the second line of the quatrain according to which the dream would be interpreted in reverse? In my humble opinion there is instead a prophetic dream much more famous, the one got in 1909 by Pope St. Pius X. The episode is recounted as follows:
    "I saw one of my successors with the same name as me, who flee over the bodies of his brothers. He will go somewhere, and after a short period of relief, will die a cruel death. Respect for God has disappeared from hearts. It even tries to erase his memory with perversity; this is only the beginning of the evils that must arrive before the end of the world. " 
    Who is the successor of the same name? Pius X's name was Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto and the only other "Joseph" (as first name) after him is precisely Benedict XVI or Joseph Aloysius Ratzinger. Some may rightly argue that the prophecy seems to reveal an escape of the pope from Rome in circumstances of civil war, rebellion, revolution or invasion with the clergy massacred in the streets. Something similar to what we saw during the Spanish Civil War or during the Mexican Revolution. Even saw myself in this way.
    However, as stated in the quatrain, the dream was interpreted in the wrong way. Perhaps the correct way to interpret it is not literal, but rather symbolic. The pope "escapes" by resigning, an event quite unique and walking on the bodies of the priests, intended as a priesthood that is divided and fragmented in terms of obedience and loyalty to the pope. The recent scandals involving the Church certainly have made it clear that underhand conspiracies are carried out by opposing factions against each other. It 'also true that the conclusion of the dream is that of a tragic death. The term relief may be that the Holy Father will go to the convent in prayer retire? It was the same pope to indicate in picking a way in which to continue to serve the Church in the serenity of prayer. The final comment to the dream of Pope Pius X is also a perfect description of our current reality. It would seem to hear the same words of Benedict XVI.
    If so, there is a direct connection between the dream of Pius X indicated in the first two verses of Nostradamus quatrain and Pope Joseph Ratzinger, then we can argue that the Monk of the third verse is precisely Benedict XVI, monk as always indefatigable admirer of St. Benedict of which bears the name, founder of the Benedictine order, and as he himself natured and historically ascetic bishop of the city of Monaco of Bavaria. The Gascogne is a region of France and the assignment of its meaning we still are not able to give. However, it may be recalled that Benedict XVI has resigned on the day of the anniversary of the first Marian apparition in Lourdes where the language spoken by young Bernadette  and Our Lady that she conversed with, was in fact the Guascon. It 's definitely a coincidence that might not mean anything or maybe yes.
    Sens is a suburb of Paris, once an important episcopate. The great prelate of Sens, if the interpretation of the quatrain is correct, is the successor of Pope Benedict XVI, a French pope. A pope who perhaps will have the name Peter in his name, considering the last sayings of the prophecy of St. Malachy.
    The quatrain can therefore be understood in the following way.
    The day after the dream of the Great Prelate (Pope Pius X)
    It has been interpreted on the contrary sense,
    Will happen to a Monaco, from Gascogne
    What will elect the great prelate of Sens.
    Another coincidence is that of the prophetic sayings of St. Malachy. According to the traditional version, in 1139 , Malachy was summoned to Rome by Pope Innocent II . In Rome, Malachy had a vision of future popes; Malachy brought vision, with a cryptic sequence of steps, in a manuscript titled prophetia de Summis Pontificibus . The manuscript was deposited in the Vatican Archives, and then forgotten until its rediscovery in 1590 . The slogans are 111 and symbols describe the popes and anti-popes from Celestine II up to the Petrus Romanus. The slogans are based on facts, symbols, events, names, places that have to do with the popes in order to identify with not too much difficulty. The only exception is the last on the list for which there is a real prophecy that reads:
    During the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church will sit Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock among many tribulations; past them, the city of seven hills will fall and the dreadful Judge will judge his people. Amen.
    According to this list Benedict XVI is the last pope before Petrus Romanus and his motto is De Gloria Olivae. The olive tree is the symbol of the Olivetans monks that are part of the Benedictine order. But there's more: with his resignation the pope reminds us of the Great Refusal of Celestine V, who was a Benedictine hermit monaco. And yet, in his recent trip to L'Aquila, the pontiff visited the shrine of the predecessor leaving on it his Petrine pallium. And so we have that the first pope of the list, Celestine II, bears the name of that first pope who refused the job after only 5 months. The successor of Pope Benedict XVI, if the interpretation is correct, then it will be a French pope through a period of persecution that will lead to the end of a period, or better yet, the end of time.
    Contrary to popular belief the End Times is not the end of the world, but the end of a time as specified by Our Lady at Garabandal. These apparitions of Garabandal in the Spanish Pyrenees in the 60s, not far from Lourdes, represent the next stage in our fireplace research. Our Lady announced three major events: the Great Warning, the Great Miracle, the Great Chastisement. What we know for sure, as revealed by the visionaries themselves, is that the first and the second event will take place in a space of 12 months of each other. But for the miracle we know the following:
    will take place on Thursday, at 20.30 hours of Garabandal, in March, April or May, between day 7 and day 17 excluded, on a day in which we celebrate a young martyr saint of Eucharist with an uncommon name in Spain.
    The Miracle will be a unique event, universal catalyst that will call the world to conversion. The Warning, which precedes it in the prior 12 months, will also be a universal event, recognized as one sent by God, both physical and spiritual, which will show each man's vision of his own soul. The Warning will shake the conscience and the Miracle call the same consciousness conversion. The visionaries have revealed that the Warning will come when the world will journey from chaos. Who will directly benefit the Miracle at Garabandal believe that will happen and heal from any physical harm. The double event will therefore be a general call to the regeneration of mankind. If humanity does not convert, at a time unspecified, it will come a great and terrible Punishment, worse than the Great Flood, which will purify the Earth. We also know that a specific man, Joey Lomangino, American and blind since he was 16 years old, born in 1931, will assist the Miracle and will be healed. It was also revealed that after the death of Pope John XXIII would have remained only three real pontificates before the End Times and the whole thing is told as follows:
    A very important conversation with the mother of Conchita (one of the visionaries), Aniceta, is given by Dr. Albrecht Weber, in his book "Garabandal - Der Zeigefinger Gottes" ("Garabandal - The Finger of God"). This title refers to the sign that God will leave with his presence at Garabandal, after the miracle, a sign that will last forever until the end of the world. We read a part of the dialogue: When the country was heard the news of the death of Pope John XXIII, the small church bells announced the death of the Pope with a funereal tone. Conchita went to church with his mother Aniceta and Mrs. Ortiz. They talked among themselves:- 'the Pope died, her mother said. Conchita replied: Ah, the Pope is dead. So are THREE Popes remaining. So far, nothing special. However, back at home, Aniceta did not feel quiet and wanted to know more deeply the thoughts of his daughter, who seemed reserved in the presence of Mrs. Ortiz. At home, alone, fearing a possible mistake of her daughter, her mother asks:-From where do you know that are only THREE Popes? Conchita replied:-From the Most Holy Virgin. In fact he told me that they would come again FOUR Popes, but you did not take into account one of them. Aniceta says:-But then, why not take this ONE into account? Responds Conchita:-She did not say it, he told me that only ONE will not be kept into account. However,She  told me that he would have governed the Church for a short time. Asked:-Maybe that's why She does not consider him? Conchita says,-I do not know. And his mother:-And then what happens? -She did not say.

    The pope not taken into account is John Paul I, who ruled for only 33 days. The real pontificates are therefore those of Paul VI of 15 years, John Paul II's 27 years old and Benedict XVI, for almost 8 years. Throughout 50 years. And so we have further confirmation that the next pope will begin with the events described as the End Times that will lead to a new time.
    In another great apparition, that of Fatima, Our Lady's message of July 13, says:
    In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, she will be converted, and will be granted a period of peace in the world.
    The triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is essentially a miraculous event that will bring peace to the world shaken by the chaos, part of which is directly attributed to Russia.
    However what I want to emphasize is the possibility to connect the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the Great Miracle of Garabandal, who will leave the miraculous sign permanently on Earth. What do we know of the Miracle? We know that it was announced by Mary, which always precedes Christ, which will take place at 20:30 on a Thursday during the months when Easter is celebrated. The most compelling research have led us to consider that Thursday is the revival of the Holy Thursday which commemorates the Last Supper which occurred around 20.30. The Miracle will therefore be a Marian miracle and at the same time an Eucharistic event (Last Supper) because it will fall on the day that is celebrated as a martyr of the Eucharist. The same research more or less agree in indicating the day on April 13 when it celebrates young Sant'Ermenegildo, Visigoth, remembered as the saint patron of Spain. Considering that at the event will assist a man who at this time is about 82 years old, the only two possible dates are April 13, 2017 (when Lomangino will have 86 years and 70 years of blindness) and 13 April 2028 (when Lomangino will have 97 years and 81 years of blindness). But it is only the earliest date that falls to the anniversary of the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Fatima, where She promises the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (the Fatima apparitions took place on the 13th of the months of May, June, July, August (not in the 13th because of political problems), September and October). Therefore, once again we have a convincing argument for which we can assume that the next pope, which would seem to be the French pope predicted by many prophecies and quatrains of Nostradamus, the Pope of the End Times according to the apparitions of Garabandal, the pope's final List of Saint Malachy, is also the pope who will lead the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
    However, we also know that the pope, in the period of chaos and persecution across the world, will be called to give witness of martyrdom. Once again reminded of the prophetic dream of St. Pius X, which literally announces the martyrdom of his successor. This involved martyrdom is that the next Pope after Benedict XVI?
    The vision of the Third Secret of Fatima opens to similar considerations. What seemed strange from the outset in that vision were the words used by Sister Lucia to describe the bishop dressed in white, coming up on Calvary. She said she had the impression that the bishop was the Holy Father. But how could there be doubt about whether the pope is the only Catholic bishop to wear in white? Perhaps in view of the signs that were left in doubt as to his identity?  We therefore inevitably associate the vision of Fatima with the presence, for the first time in history, of a pope emeritus. A bishop dressed in white, which is still called by the name of the pope, but that is no longer pope. Before our eyes is coming true and clarifying the vision of Fatima. By the same logic used for the dream of St. Pius X we can, however, apply to the literal interpretation of that vision, the symbolic one. In the first, seems to be the Pope Benedict XVI to come martyred on top of the mountain. And besides it was he who, in the last Angelus, refered to the Lord's call to go up to the mountain. This expression was intended to signify the call to prayer retreat, which usually takes place in peaceful places, solitary and distant from the world, just as the "mountain." But the analogy can not go unnoticed with the vision of Fatima and the ascent of Mount Calvary. With the symbolic interpretation we can associate with the vision of the bishop dressed in white not only Benedict XVI, but the papacy in general and therefore also its successor, the pope of the End Times, called the sacrifice of martyrdom.
    There are two other sources of prophecy to be considered to describe the recent popes: the first source is the nun of Dresden and the second are the visions of Monk of Padova contained in the De Statu Ecclesiae et Magnis tribolationibus, printed in Venice in 1527.
    In the first case the nun of Dresden lists a number of popes identifying them with elements that make out the name assumed by the pope and the type of pontificate lived. Thus we have in series:
    White Horse, with sign of Leo
    Leo XIII (Gioacchino Pecci 1878-1903)
    Lumen de coelo
    Black Horse, with sign of mercy
    Pius X (Giuseppe Sarto 1903-1914)
    Ignis Ardens
    Yellow Horse, with sign of Blessing
    Benedict XV (Giacomo Della Chiesa 1914-1922)
    Religio depopulata
    Red Horse, with sign of mercy
    Pius XI (Achille Ratti 1922-1939)
    Fidens intrepid
    Yellow Horse, with sign of mercy
    Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli 1939-1958)
    Pastor Angelicus
    Red Horse, with the sign of the Precursor
    John XXIII (Angelo Roncalli 1958-1963)
    Pastor et nauta
    Black Horse, with the sign of the Benjamin
    Paul VI (Montini Giovanbattista 1963-1978)
    Flos Florum
    White Horse, with sign of mercy
    John Paul I (Albino Luciani 1978)
    De medietate Lunae
    Angel Master of Jehoshaphat, with the sign of the Twelve
    John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla 1978-2005)
    De Labore solis
    Angel Guide of Jehoshaphat, with the sign of Glory
    Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger 2005-2013)
    De glory olivae
    Angel of Mercy, with the sign of the Martyrdom

    The color of the horse appears to mean a period of flowering of religion, or challenge, labor and war. As you can see the sign of the mercy corresponds to the popes who took the name Pius, while the sign of Leo XIII refers to Leo XIII, the sign of blessing to Benedict XV, the sign of the precursor to John XXIII and the sign of Benjamin, Paul VI (the apostle Paul belonged to the tribe of Benjamin).
    The last four popes are identified differently. John Paul I with the sign of mercy, but with the white horse as Leo XIII. Pity probably refers to the premature death? John Paul II with the angel master and the sign of the Twelve, which is perhaps to be associated with sundial with the twelve signs of the zodiac, which incorporates the Latin motto of St. Malachy. Benedict XVI is the angel guide with the sign of the glory that directly recalls the prophecy of St. Malachy's motto. Last on the list instead brings the sign of martyrdom, in agreement with the other sources of prophecy.
    But even in the De Statu Ecclesiae et Magnis tribolationibus we have a list of recent popes on the model of that of Malachy and the Nun of Dresden. This list, however, starts by the John XXIII presenting him as "a man of great humanity  and spoken French, "and in fact before being Pope he was nuncio in Paris for the Holy See and is remembered by the world with the epithet of" good Pope. " The reign of his successor, Paul VI, is presented as a time when "the shadow of the Antichrist will begin to obscure the Eternal City," and in fact it refers to the public affirmation of Pope Montini in 1972 "the smoke of Satan seems have introduced even into the Vatican. " John Paul I is seen as the one who "will go fast like a shooting star, the pastor of the lagoon," and in fact ruled for only 33 days and before becoming pope was the Patriarch of Venice. John Paul II is the one who "shall come from far and with his blood stain the stone " clear reference to the attempt of his life of 1981. Benedict XVI is "sower of peace and hope in a world that lives the last hope "and after his election he explained that his chosen name wanted to be a reference also to its predecessor Benedict XV, who had fought for peace and after that he defined himself as a humble worker in the vineyard of the Lord (Sower). Last on the list is described in this way: "will come to Rome from distant lands to meet the tribulation  and death. " Once again we have the sign of martyrdom for this pope.
    We can therefore conclude that the different sources of prophecy predict for the next pontificate tribulation and the need to bear witness to their faith with martyrdom. Provide for the conclusion of this difficult period, the Triumph of Mary and the Church with a period of peace. And it seems finally to unite such a fate not only the next pope, but also the current pope emeritus.
    Rome, March 7, 2013
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    All material published on Michel de Notredame will have the fixed point of the chronological ordering studied and published by Ottavio Cesare Ramotti. By this author we have reached the break-even point of the wave of time after which nothing is as before. The prophetic picture covers chapters or rameaux that, read in their entirety, make "plus esclarci" not only the meaning of a single block of quatrain (or sixstain) but the timing reference. This is not for indicating the date, but for the occurrence of event, having the marker function and time. Whoever attempts to interpret it must do so with this quatrains or sixstains bookmark in hand and will have to realize that the time in which each of us will do it today, tomorrow or in a few years, will be a node passage of the wave. In fact, as far as can be interpreted a good sense or meaning, only with the passage of the wave you can have a certainty of the work that is being carried out. Each of us is thus a possible protagonist. The times are not as long as you can imagine, approaching with rapid steps "to the great age thousandth", so it is necessary to start now looking forward to the time when the events will be unchangeable, when it is discovered the secret that the seer describes as " I have set down in writing in my other prophecies that are composed of detail "IN PROSE" establishing the places, times, and the deadline that men BORN AFTER, they will know the infallibly events happened as we have shown for others, speaking more clearly despite being masked, will be included intelligences. - 'but a good time you will have to eliminate ignorance "and then the event will be cleared" plus esclarci".

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